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Side view of a young men eating sushi.
First Look
8 July 2021

First Look: Sushezi sushi maker

Sushi made easy?

My kids love sushi. Unfortunately for them, the bought stuff is a treat and our home-made attempts have all ended up being “deconstructed”. When I told them we were trialling a sushi-maker they were all for it.

The Sushezi ($39.95) claims to be a “Sushi Revolution – the easy way to make professional sushi”.

Kiwi-designed, the Sushezi is like a giant syringe (or small caulking gun). You pack it with rice and other fillings, then press the plunger to extrude a roll of sushi on to a nori (seaweed) sheet. A quick roll and it’s ready for cutting into bite-sized pieces. If you’re not a fan of seaweed, the roll is firm enough to cut without it.

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It lived up to its “easy” claims. The instructions were simple to understand and the sushi roll was consistent its entire length, with the filling nicely compacted. Our sushi looked just as good as any you’d get from a store (and there’s no unnecessary store packaging).

The Sushezi’s easy to clean and dishwasher-safe. You can also use it to shape small meat patties or sweet treats, such as lolly cake and biscuits.

I’m not the only Consumer staffer to give the Sushezi the thumbs up. Product Test Manager Paul Smith gave it a whirl and, although he likes the bamboo mat method, he thought the Sushezi is easier, especially for making a lot of sushi at one time.

Another sushi-loving staff member said she rarely makes it because she finds the process intimidating and the bamboo mat technique messy. Her Sushezi verdict – “it’s a game-changer”. Her and her family were impressed at how easy it was to use and the professional-looking results.

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