Rinnai Energysaver 559FT and Energysaver 309FT flued gas heaters.
Research report
Updated June 2021

Flued gas heaters

We’ve tested 2 Rinnai models to see how they compare to heat pumps.

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Colin W.
07 Jun 2021
Won’t work in a power cut?

Neither do most heat pumps :-)

Debra G.
06 Jun 2021
Gas heater

We have had the larger one for 20 yrs, we put it in to replace an unflued one when we bought our house, we have it in a square hallway that has 4 bedrooms coming off it . At this time of year we get up at 6 am to a lovely warm area in the morning with the timer set

Paul D.
05 Jun 2021
Gas heaters don't cool

In making a purchase of this value, many consumers will factor in that heat pumps provide very effective cooling in the summer. No Gas heater can do that. That'd be enough to sway the purchase for many.

Joanna S.
05 Jun 2021
I recommend it

If you already have gas instant hot water then gas heating will be much cheaper as the daily charge is already being paid. Works out around 6-7 c per kWh, so running costs would be less than heat pump at 3 times efficiency but 30 c per kWh.
When between 0 and 5 degrees outside, heat pump efficiency drops due to icing up so probably closer to 15 c per kWh
We have 557FTR with remote control but, like most heat pump owners, we just turn it on or off at the control, wherever it is affixed. Immediate heat and never any blowing of cool air while waiting for heat up or de-icing.

Murray G.
05 Jun 2021
So it's an Air Conditioner then

Why can't we just call Heat Pumps what they really are - an Air Conditioner

John S.
05 Jun 2021
Carbon Emissions

This report fails to address the climate crisis. If we are reduce carbon emissions we need to move away from gas heaters, particularly when installing a new or replacement heater.

Ray S.
05 Jun 2021
Carbon Emissions

These and related issues, such as those outlined in the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) should be 'front and centre' of all reviews by Consumer. After all we (the world) do have a climate emergency, as well as emergencies about issues such as 'modern slavery' and much more.

06 Jun 2021
Need the full picture

The fact is that at the times people need heating there is a high chance that the marginal electricity generator is burning gas (or, worse, coal). A high efficiency gas generator may be 60% efficient, but drop that because peak line losses are probably 10%. Compare that with the gas space heater which is likely 90% efficient and the gas heater is looking pretty good against the heat pump...