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22 July 2016

Food companies and sport sponsorship

Should elite athletes be pushing fast food and sugary drinks?

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Steve R.
18 Aug 2016
Alcohol sponsorship unethical

Being sponsored by alcohol companies is effectively what Consumer does whether it profits or not. The message is Consumer supports wine; ignore the evidence for harm and promote a product that causes it. FASD Cancers... How unethical is that? Whether a drug is legal is irrelevant. The ethical stance is to treat all drugs as a health issue not a legality issue.

Steve R.
13 Aug 2016
Alcohol not mentioned

Sport sponsorship surely includes alcohol? Why was it ignored in this article? A recent forum, so far ignored by the government, recommended alcohol not be allowed to sponsor sport.
The editorial says food standards should "provide confidence our food is safe; help us to make healthy, nutritional choices; and assist us being informed about what we’re eating." So why is alcohol excluded despite failing all three requirements?
Why does Consumer endorse wines in the newspapers? Could Sue please reply and explain this glaring disparity? Is it because Consumer profits from endorsements?

Steve R.
14 Aug 2016
Obesity and alcohol linked shows how alcohol binge drinking is linked to obesity and "drunkorexia".
Alcohol is a nutrient deficient substitute for food. 60% of a sample group reported frequently (25% of the time) engaging in various disordered eating. Worth a read Consumer.

Previous member
15 Aug 2016
Re: Alcohol not mentioned

Hi Steve, Sue is unavailable this week. I’m Sue’s Deputy. This focus of this article was sports sponsorship targeting children. We are a not-for-profit. All revenue goes straight back into our research, testing and advocacy work supporting a fair deal for all New Zealanders.
Karen - Consumer NZ staff.

Steve R.
17 Aug 2016
Alcohol sponsorship targets Children

If the kiddies lining up for autographs from their sports stars isn't enough why did the Hurricane's jersey feature on the article. Yeah right. Their sponsor is Tui.
As for harm Consumer should be informing: