July 2022

Freedom Furniture fails to deliver

Freedom Furniture customers around the country have been left in limbo after purchasing items that are missing in action.

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02 Aug 2022
Freedom are the worst

Both those experiences are exactly like my own experience when I purchased a coffee table in April from Freedom Tauranga. Terrible service, excuse after excuse, delay after delay, not one person knowing wha'ts happened and what makes it worse is I too got a phone call saying my coffee table would be delivered after I had finally already received it!!

30 Jul 2022

A great principle of customer service is to "under-promise and over-deliver."

Sounds like Freedom Furniture has it backwards!

Vanessa B.
23 Jul 2022
Covid delays vs bad service

If I have another business blame their appalling service on covid delays I'm going to lose my rag!

Debbie K.
23 Jul 2022
Freedom Delays

We had exactly the same problems with Nick Scali - they need to be thrown under the bus as well!! Incidentally we bought a desk from Freedom this year and it was ready a week later than their time frame, so not too bad.