24 June 2021

Fridge fight finally over

Samsung ordered to pay Auckland man $5700 after refusing to fix door for the fifth time.

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Diane B.
05 Jul 2021
Samsung made good

We had a pricey french door Samsung fridge with plumbed in water and ice dispenser. We had very responsive service over 4 or so years, with them first replacing a door, and then swapping the fridge for a new one. However there seemed to be an instrinsic flaw with this design so they discontinued the model. It was freezing everything in the refrigerator. We provided proof of purchase upon request and Samsung completely refunded our money.

Robert L.
30 Jun 2021
I also took on Samsung at the Disputes Tribunal and won.

I had a similar experience with Samsung over a three-year-old defective computer tablet.
Samsung first denied liability so I filed a Disputes Tribunal claim. Samsung then offered me a full refund but then withdrew the offer. Samsung didn't show up for the DT hearing. I was awarded damages equal to the cost of buying a replacement. (More than the original purchase price that Samsung had originally offered me as a refund). Samsung refused to pay the award to me until I returned the tablet, which I refused to do before I actually received the payment. Samsung then applied for a rehearing and were turned down. I finally had to apply for a "warrant to seize property" to get the payment from Samsung. I was eventually paid the awarded amount. It sounds like Samsung takes the approach of "deny, deny, deny" on the basis that most people will give up.

Stuart B.
26 Jun 2021
Thoroughly agree.

I have used the Disputes Tribunal at least 5 times and have always received courteous and fair consideration. If you go prepared with facts and paperwork, there is a very real chance of success. Many firms try to bluff their way out of their obligations and the Court can see through that. Try it. It isn't as scary as it may seem and, with Consumer help, you may enjoy the experience.