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27 September 2017

Get faster internet

Wondering how to ramp up your broadband speed? Our advice will help you get faster internet and avoid getting grumpy about slow downloads.

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peter w.
11 Aug 2020
Internet speeds and usage

Also, I am not sure you mentioned, population of New Zealand that has had , from 2/4/6 or 10 years ago, remember the days when we had 3 million people, it is projected there will be 6 million people in the near future, so it isn't just websites that slow speed

Robert L.
27 Jul 2019
A dud note in the chorus performance

Checking with Chorus and their "Broadband checker" provides the surprising advise that I can enjoy 9Mbps on ADSL but that VDSL and Chorus Fibre are not available.

I have had Fibre for close to two years now !

peter w.
11 Aug 2020

That's interesting, I can't get fibre, yet a cable goes past my gate, I have been told its only for backhaul, so I will wait I suppose

Neil M.
22 Sep 2018
Mesh WiFi

I note you don’t seem to cover this in your overview of wifi extenders. I have fibre on a 100 MBS/sec plan. My router was placed in the garage as the most convenient and appropriate place. That meant I needed a wifi extender. That lead to a slow and inconsistent service. I tried both a conventional and powerline extender. The speeds were between 10 and 20 MBS/sec(sometimes below). I recently purchased a mesh wifi unit ( Netgear Orbi RBK23). My speeds are now consistently 100Mbs (+ or - about 10). The cover throughout the house is much better and more consistent.
I am delighted with the improvement.

Previous member
12 Aug 2018
Faster internet

The issue we have with the internet is the line quality. The line from the exchange is very old and keeps failing once or twice a month. Chorus won't renew the line, probably because they're laying fibre in Tuakau so we have to call our ISP to get Chorus to reconnect us. Fortunately we use Voyager and their technical support staff are excellent. But it is very frustrating because the line seems to fail at the end of the week so over the weekend we can often be without internet. The connection failed on Thursday morning and was restored that day only to fail (i.e. speed of less than 1 mbps) Saturday morning. So Netflix has been unusable over the weekend.

Marc S.
05 May 2018
2 Degrees wireless internet

I keep asking them and they keep saying "it's coming". Meanwhile we get about 4Mbp from the ADSL box that we are 2km from.

Megan & Curtis
05 May 2018
Much better gear than consumer "hedgehogs"

I'm loving that for home use, people are waking up to the topology of a dedicated separate router to a switch to dedicated AP(s), instead of the feature-poor, overpriced ugly "hedgehogs" sprouting antennae, otherwise known as consumer all-in-one devices.

I got my brother a Ubiquiti ER-X (~$100) into a unifi AC-LR ($180) to replace his hopeless ISP-supplied Fritzbox. He's over the moon because after months of frustration, wifi disconnections and fruitless calls to his ISP, he's finally got reliable, decent UFB internet around his 2 story house.

I can't recommended getting business/enterprise gear highly enough. It's now so cheap, and with a bit of know how from the internet is a robust solution for even your grandma.

Graeme N.
11 Aug 2018
Re the Fritz!Box ...

I disagree with your characterisation of the Fritz!Box being hopeless: I have found them a fantastically capable unit .. at most things.

I will admit that their Wi-Fi strength isn't stellar. I have obtained a Meraki AP for use at my place and the better Wi-Fi unit plus better placement has meant we now have far better Wi-Fi coverage than what we got from the Fritx!Box.

Roger & Jodie W.
27 Jan 2018
Units wrong

You're shown 106 and 109, you should be either showing 10^6 and 10^9, or applying superscripts to the 6 / 9

Previous member
29 Jan 2018
Re: Units wrong

Hi Roger & Jodie,

Apologies for the error — we've now applied superscripts. Thanks for pointing this out!

Fonda - Consumer NZ staff

Steve B.
23 Dec 2017
Sign up: Get the fastest plan that suits you.

That's all very well. We signed up to Vodafone's "up to 200mbps plan" and consistently get 75 to a top of 80 on their Cable/fibrex.
I don't believe they ever intended to to provide what their vague advertising suggests.

27 Oct 2017
Fibre is great

I recently switched from DSL to fibre and find it great. Note that with the Dual Band Wifi Routers, devices may switch to the lower freq/slower mode as the signal is stronger, so I set my devices to only connect to the 5GHz.

C C.
30 Sep 2017

It pays to take note of the comment of distance from the exchange. Despite being shown I can obtain VDSL I have been informed differently that only ADSL is applicable and low speed tests and distance from the exchange do apply.