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2 November 2023

Greenwashing win: Air NZ ditches single-use ‘compostable’ cups

Air NZ is ditching single-use compostable cups from its lounges after Consumer NZ called out the airline for its “green” messaging on them earlier this year.

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Although the cups are technically compostable, because of limited facilities in Aotearoa, most would end up in landfill rather than being composted.

Speaking to the NZ Herald, the Air NZ chief sustainability officer, Kiri Hannifin said, the new lounge scheme was part of the response to the “fair challenge” by Consumer. We are pleased that Air NZ listened to our concerns and made some positive changes.

At Consumer, we are concerned by the prevalence of greenwashing across Aotearoa; although we call it out when we see it, we think there needs to be stronger regulations to stop New Zealanders from being greenwashed.

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