20 April 2022

Gym contracts: just when you thought you were out…

What happens when a gym continues to charge you long after you've cancelled your membership?

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Peter R.
11 May 2022
Cancelling a contract

Thirteen years a very active member at Les Mills and at relatively short notice, shaped by a move away from this city, I emailed to cancel my contract. An automated reply tells me that they cannot respond for five days. I wonder if you have to wait for five days to sign up? I have never suspended my membership, even during lockdowns. This feels like naked gouging.

Rob W.
24 Apr 2022
Gym contracts

Pretty basic stuff I would have thought. I’m surprised that in this day and age people still seem to struggle thru because they don’t read a contract nor understand how to respond

Hugh P.
23 Apr 2022
Check your bank accounts.

I know it's not really how things work these days, but each of us is still responsible for our own money. Do keep checking your bank accounts regularly. Nobody else is going to do it for you, and nobody else is responsible for doing it. Personal responsibility doesn't stop being a thing even though we live in such an entitled society.

Ian D.
23 Apr 2022
City Fitness Problems

I cancelled my membership verbally almost four years ago. I was told I needed to put it in writing which I did and also returned my swipe card. They continued to take my money from the bank. Due to various health issues this was not noticed until about 18 months ago. A repeat written request was made. I received an email telling me to fill in a special form which was not supplied. My response was that I had already provided both verbal and written cancellation requests. They are still removing money from my account. I am now at the point of seeking legal advise over what appears to be theft

Maggie H.
23 Apr 2022
re gym contracts

I was in the same position as Amy last year with a gym here in Hamilton. As I didn't get statements on the account I had used to pay, I didn't realise - it was a relatively small amount fortnightly- $11.50. I had emailed them to close the membership in May, but I was still paying till early January. I then stopped the payments and sent them several more emails to tell them to stop sending me non payment notices. I couldn't find my original May closure email, so I thought that I would not be able to argue my case. In all I ended up losing $220.