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10 December 2020

Majority happy to get home-made and second-hand gifts, our survey finds

Most happy to get home-made and second-hand presents this Christmas.

Want to cut your Christmas shopping bill but still give gifts that count? Don’t rule out home-made or second-hand presents.

Most of us are fine with the idea and you won’t be dubbed a Scrooge.

Out latest survey found 80 percent of Kiwis were happy getting a home-made gift. Just six percent turned their nose up at the prospect.

Six out of 10 were also OK getting a gift that was second-hand. Only 18 percent were dismayed at the thought of receiving a “pre-loved” pressie.

Some of us already regularly give home-made gifts.

Thirteen percent of consumers said they always or usually gave presents they’d made themselves. Forty-eight percent did it “sometimes”.

Our survey also found many consumers look for pressies that are better choices for the environment.

A third always or usually look for Christmas presents with less packaging. One in five always or usually look for “greener” gifts.

While most (60 percent) really like getting Christmas pressies, the majority (71 percent) think people spend too much on gifts.

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