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2 December 2013

Home security

What are the options for securing your home?

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26 Sep 2021
Video security system reviews please

Are Consumer not doing regular product reviews anymore? I would like the latest reviews on home surveillance systems available now. Many to choose from and with crime on the rise it would be great to have Consumer have reviewed these.

Val G.
16 Sep 2021
home security

I have just joined specifically to find out the options on home security and was very disappointed to see consumer hasn't done a study on the options available.
Am I missing this or am I correct? thanks

Previous member
15 Sep 2020
Outdated Information

Seriously I rejoined & am so disappointed that the majority of the reports I’m looking at are years old, what’s the use of that? Unless I can’t find later reports?
2015 for dog food etc.
I was hoping to find information on garden sheds but nothing?

Consumer staff
16 Sep 2020
Re: Outdated Information

Hi Lorraine,

Sorry to hear you’re disappointed. The pet food article is a general advice piece, but would need a review before we changed the date. We don’t test garden sheds due to the practical and financial constraints of doing so.

Our product tests and reports are constantly updated. We check product availability every few months, so the information you’re viewing is our most up-to-date information available.

Kind regards,
Frank – Consumer NZ staff