October 2021

How best to stack your dishwasher

It’s an age-old debate in households around the country: how to best stack the dishwasher.

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Philip H.
03 Nov 2021
Asko Dishwasher

Our Asko washer is now 28 years old (bought in 1993), and we have been fortunate to be able to move it from house to house. We have ALWAYS prerinsed all items before putting them in the diswasher and I can't but help to think that prerinsing has extended its life. We have obviously never had a blockage and the only repair has been to replace the main pump a few years ago (very cheap and easy DIY job). I am not looking forward to replacing it as I'm sure a modern appliance won't be able to match this performance or repairability. Our vote is for cutlery handles down - this avoids sharp tips damaging the cutlery basket.

Yolanda T.
01 Nov 2021
Cutlery Basket

I have to put my cutlery in handle down, as when I did it the other way around the pointy end of my steak knives would drop through the basket and scratch the door when pulling out the bottom basket. Yes I do have to be careful when unloading the cutlery basket but I would rather that than damaging my dishwasher door.

Doug M.
31 Oct 2021
Cutlery & antique crockery

The F&P ELBA DW60 handbook states that you should place cutlery (except knives and other sharp utensils) with the handle downwards.

I put ALL cutlery with handles down as I figure that it is the business end that needs the most thorough wash. Yes, you do need to be a bit careful when unloading the sharp knives from the basket.

Also try to avoid having more than one item of the same piece of cutlery in the same basket slot as they can stick together.

I never put plastic containers & lids in the dishwasher - they last longer that way.

Any antique crockery (eg. Royal Albert), especially with gold rims, is always hand washed.

If in doubt about the treatment of any items do read the manufacturers handbook.

Eve M.
30 Oct 2021
No right or wrong way

Had my Miele for 5 years and never given me problems, love my cutlery tray and the vertical tines allow me to fit all my big and long stuff including Rangehood filters. Easy to use, top up salt every 2-3 years, top up rinse up when needed and Miele powder is easy to load with no waste. Love my wine glass support in bottom basket aswell

Ian T.
30 Oct 2021
Silverware and diswashers

We have washed our silver in various dishwashers over it's 40 year life with no issues.
There are only two rules to follow:
1 Only have silver in the cutlery basket / tray so silver and stainless steel items are not in contact.
2 Air dry- do not use drying cycles of the machine. As soon as washing cycle finishes open the door and pull the rack partially out to dry. This keeps the silverware from drying in a hot humid atmosphere when pitting can occur.
The same method can be used on expensive crockery with metallic trims.

30 Oct 2021

We've always put cutlery jn the basket handle first. Otherwise there's no flow for stuff to come off. It's easy enough not to poke yourself removing them. Or tip cutlery out into the drawer and sort from there. I've had my Bosch for years and it's great.

Kas S.
30 Oct 2021

I have had a dishdrawer and now a free standing dishwasher and I've always put the handles in first as have found they don't fully get cleaned and the cutlery basket has a handle of it's own that I grab easily without touching anything sharp. Fun part is playing which size handle will fit into which size hole in the basket - haha.

John W.
30 Oct 2021

Always have handle at top. Never have stuff remaining. Would only happen if cutlery is nested together. Also, could be unhygienic if picked up by dirty hands. Nothing worse than seeing finger or thumb prints on blade of cleaned knife!

Peter D.
05 Nov 2021

Definitely handles-up in the cutlery basket. For the sake of hygiene utensils should only be handled by their handles - especially after they've just been sanitised in the dishwasher. If the business end of a knife, fork or spoon looks particularly grubby just give it a quick wipe down with a damp cloth before you put it - handle up - in the basket.

P F G.
30 Oct 2021
Samsung Dishwasher

Do NOT buy one of these , the filters don't work properly and we are having to unblock the holes in the spray arms every week. The number of cycles available is over the top , our old Elba Dishwasher did a far better job.

Janet G.
30 Oct 2021
Samsung dishwasher useless

My Samsung dishwasher is also useless. As per other comment the arms get blocked all the time and the bottom one is particularly hard to clean out. It simply doesn't wash the dishes. I have to rinse before I put them in and often have to rewash (especially cups) when I take them out.

Andrew S.
30 Oct 2021
Load the detergent correctly

Many dishwashers have two places to put detergent, one of which gets used in the pre-wash and the other in the full wash. On ours the pre-wash holder shows just as a tiny marking on an indentation in the soap dispenser. We never noticed it until we knew to look for it. We had much better results when we worked that out. Use powder rather than tablets as tablets only provide soap for one cycle.

Technology Connections on Youtube stuck a window in the side of a dishwasher and did all manner of tests. It's worth a watch: