June 2022

How healthy are ready-to-eat soups?

We analysed the nutrition information of 58 tomato, pumpkin and chicken soups sold in supermarkets.

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Shelley G.
05 Jul 2022
Any unwanted extras in the soup?

Thanks for the soup article. I would have been very interested to know of additives/preservatives/fillers or other questionable items in the ingredients list. This directly relates to the beneficial quality of the soup. I've been struggling to find a soup made up of only good quality food ingredients.

Tony C.
02 Jul 2022
High salt content

Thank-you for bringing this evaluation to our attention. I have always struggled to find low salt options for soups. My diet is generally low salt so when I have a packet/can of soup it tastes very salty.
It is far easier to add salt to soup to taste than take it out!
Surely there is a market for low salt soup? - as we have seen on other ready-to-eat products like canned baked beans and spaghetti - there are now 50% off sugar and salt options.

Mike & Erena B.
02 Jul 2022
Dried soups?

I cannot see any of the popular dried pour in boiling water and drink "Soup in a Cup" types of soups in this report. They are popular and convenient and have been available for many years. It would be useful to know how they compared to the tinned and "pouch" varieties.

Mark P.
02 Jul 2022
Nutritional Information

Hi CI,

I enjoyed the article and always do.

I believe having nutritional information is helpful, but could be even more so, for example, if we knew the daily recommended fibre intake, the information you have given would have even greater value, i.e. 20-25gms for females and 30-40gms for males.

Also, there is now enough reputable information available to challenge the whole paradigm of salt and fat being unhealthy. Anything consumed over the normal daily amount required by an individual is going to have a side affect, dependant on their nutritional and physical habits. If I were going to emphasise anything, I would target sugar. It is required, but we get plenty of it already and it is the main contributor to so many of the health problems the world now faces. For example, as you mention, the Campbell's Condensed Tomato Soup Sugar content – 15.75g/250g - 3 teaspoons of sugar to one cup!! That seems alot to me, but just my thoughts...

Thank you.