4 May 2022

How to boil an egg

Different strokes for different yolks.

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Jilli A.
17 May 2022
Microwave eggs

Fill a cup about 1/3 with cold water, and a pinch or two of salt. Break egg into the water, checking it is covered. Microwave on High approx 1 min, 20 seconds for a soft egg. Remove with slotted spoon. No need to pierce the yolk.

Jayneen W.
16 May 2022
Boiled Eggs

Pop eggs into pot, bring to boil then turn off, cover with lid, 7 minutes for soft egg, 10 minutes for hard boiled. This method keeps the egg white nice and white without any discolouration.

John K.
08 May 2022
Microwave eggs in their shell

Same experience - a great explosion at 2 minutes - water and egg shell
everywhere in the microwave - but we did salvage what we could of the yoke - and enjoyed it on finger toast. But big clean up afterwards

Alison G.
10 May 2022

3 minutes really? Mine exploded everywhere at 2 minutes.

Michael D.
08 May 2022
Casterofic Expolosion.

Microwave eggs, sounds wonderful. After 4 minutes the eggs had exploded and the water was boiling over the jug.
Back to my normal method, learnt from Heston Bloomingfool. I put them in cold water, some vinegar in case of cracking.
Bring to the boil, cover and remove from heat. Cook for 5-6 minutes, depending on size of eggs. You should get set white and runny yolks. Apparently the yolk sets at a slightly higher temperature than the white, which aids the process.

Jeannie M.
08 May 2022
Boiled eggs

Simple.. water in pot pop in eggs from fridge & a dash of white vinegar (no cracks) bring to boil for 3 mins enjoy soft boiled. Cook for 5 if you want hard boiled

Peter H.
07 May 2022
Keep it simple

I enjoy my boiled eggs and it is so easy to cook them in the pot.
The water comes to boil quickly if you keep the lid on and just use enough water in a small pot.
I then put a small hole in the top of the egg before placing in the boiling water. The top of the eggs is as they come out of the carton and I use a small utility knife to make the hole.
The hole is to let out the air when it expands in the heat. The result, perfect eggs every time with no broken shells. And you can see the air bubbles coming out of the hole in the eggs as it starts to cook.

Vin H.
07 May 2022
Keep it simple

Thanks Peter, I agree with you. I use a pin to pierce the egg.

Nigel B.
09 May 2022
The secret is the Pinhole

I was surprised to find someone else knows about the pin prick. Yep neing using that method for years - no cracked shells. Safety pin works best.
My method on a gast hob:
-Hot tap water into a small pot, enough to cover egg(s)
-Pin prick the broad base of the egg
-Chuck egg(s) into the water, high flame, covered with lid, 5min
-At 5min, reduce flame to minimum for 2min - no peeking
-Switch off, leave in pot for 1min, then rinse under cool water - yummy