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25 August 2020

Bed buying guide

The right bed can go a long way towards helping you get a good night’s sleep.

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Rachel E.
16 Jan 2021
Bed reviews

If not bed reviews (perhaps too subjective?) then Consumer could research and review the various technologies to de-mistify the jargon and intentional complexity for buyers.

Ute W.
01 May 2021
Beds / mattress review PLEASE

Totally agree. The one item that just about every single person uses every single day has not been tested. Why not? Rather than doing washing machines yet again, please please review beds and mattresses!

09 Apr 2022
There must be a way to review

Agree. Huge item cost. Big differences in price for different mattresses in-store. So much jargon used. A lot of claims made that eg smaller springs last longer than bigger etc. Is this true?

craig and cherie e.
14 Nov 2020
bed review

It would be great if consumer could review Beds - we have been through a 2 year nightmare with one manufacturer

23 Nov 2020
Bed Review

We thoroughly agree. Buying a bed is a major household outlay and any wrong purchase can be extremely costly - and time-consuming. We are about to embark on a major confrontation with a popular retailer. Any review should include both manufacturers as well as retailers.

Doug L.
01 Jan 2021
bed reviews please !!!

Agree completely C&C. This is a major investment in any home. Needs Testing !!!

Dugald W.
29 Aug 2020
Trial period

Check whether there is a trial period before you purchase. The website said there was but the receipt we got when we purchased said there wasn't due to Covid. We had to pay a fee to exchange to 'get the mattress recovered' even though we had slept on the mattress only twice with a new mattress protector.

Jim H.
29 Aug 2020
buying a bed

Buying a bed is the easy part but getting fitted sheets to fit the new thicker mattress can be difficult. Our new mattress is nearly 400mm thick and getting fitted sheets to fit, or with a 500mm pocket so the sheet stays on the bed is near impossible and expensive.

Joy M.
29 Aug 2020
Fitted sheets.

I have had this problem also. My solution was to buy sheets a size bigger and then sew a dart across the corners of the fitted sheet.