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How to make your food last longer

Tips to extend the shelf life of popular staples, such as bread, flour and fruit.

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Christina R.
24 Aug 2021
Getting rid of pantry moths; lettuce crisp

I threw away so many packets of food with weevil infestation until I bought pantry moth traps. They are very sticky and in the 'busy season' end up covered with moths, but I haven't seen a single weevil since.

I also picked up a lettuce keeper (clear plastic lidded bowl) at the hardware store. Although it takes up a lot of fridge space, it does keep the lettuce fresh and crisp to the last leaf, so there is far less wastage.

Joy M.
21 Aug 2021
Keeping bread, Broccoli, cauliflower etc fresh

From Joy Mace, PON027
Bread: I wrap packages of 3 -4 slices in clingfilm (I reuse it) then seal in a sandwich or beansprout size ziplock bag and freeze. Remove from freezer about 15 - 30 mins before needed, remove ziplock bag & place in sun (if possible) - then ready to use.

Broccoli, cauliflower, etc: Place in a container with stems in about 1/2 cm water, cover with a bag and place in refrigerator. I eat stems and leaves (finely sliced) - add a little liquid, chicken stock powder, ginger flavouring plus a little onion , celery etc an cook lightly in microwave. add bean sprouts at end if available.

Linda C.
21 Aug 2021
Keeping Broccoli fresh -

I lived in the backcountry for 2 weeks at a time and experimented with keeping food fresh. For broccoli, I used a drinking glass wide and deep enough for the stem of a broccoli head, half fill with water, and sit the stem in (after trimming the bottom for a fresh cut). I have used the flimsy plastic vege bags to pop over the top and fold under the bottom of the glass, but now use cotton vege bags. Sit the container in your crisper bin and cut off florets as needed. Ideal for situations where only one person is using, and/or not eating this vege every day. Often have had "fresh" up to 2 weeks.

A & Mrs S J S.
21 Aug 2021
'Refreshing Bread'

I make my large copper-bottomed frying pan into a 'dutch oven' by heating it over a low flame and warming 3-4 bread slices at a time through, moving them occasionally until the bread is 'fresh', warm, soft and even moist. This, I find, is the answer to storing bread in the freezer.

Heather M.
21 Aug 2021
Freezing bread

Freezing a loaf of bread - spread the single slices of bread around the freezer, when they are frozen (takes about 4 hours), pop back in bags - you will need more than one bag as it is impossible to squash them back into one bag. Very easy to grab one slice at a time than attacking, usually not that succesfully, a frozen loaf with a knife to get a single slice. Took many years to work this out!!!!

21 Aug 2021
Why my green beans don't last

I always keep them in bottom of fridge with other veges. but they always seem to go first. Why?

Maurice V.
21 Aug 2021

Bread always kept in freezer and defrosts in less than 15 seconds in microwave oven or straight to the toaster. Kept sugar in the refrigerator and didn't have a problem with clumping. Also, it is safe from ants.
Don't buy tomatoes at this time of year, because of the cost and poor flavour, so substitute a pasta sauce or puree.

21 Aug 2021
How to make your food last longer Tips foe EGGS

the new 'How to make your food last longer' tip for Eggs does not reflect the latest Salmonella prevention NZ health advice. Refrigeration for eggs is wise until this nasty enteral bacteria is managed out of our local poultry industry.

Anna H.
25 Apr 2020
Defrosting bread or rolls

If you are defrosting bread or rolls do it at 50% power in the microwave. It is nicer to eat and does not get dried out.

Yannina W.
19 Apr 2020
Freeze leftover tomato and capiscum

If you have a salad you won't finish, fish out the pieces of tomato and capsicum and store them in (separate) containers in the freezer. Next time you are making something that uses cooked tomato or capsicum, get them out and use them.

Kerry G.
05 Apr 2020
Keep carrots fresh

Keep in the vege drawer in fridge in a lidded container filled with water. Change water daily.

R M.
05 Apr 2020
Eggs Tip

As Eggs age they generate gas internally.
Fill a bowl with water. A really fresh egg will lay flat on the bottom of the bowl.
The older the egg the more the egg tilts towards the vertical (more gas).
If the egg floats then its near ready to hatch

Diana M.
05 Apr 2020
Green bags

Can you let me know who sells them - the supermarkets?

06 Apr 2020
Try Amazon

Apparently they are obtainable from Amazon. Here is a link to a Wikipedia article on green bags where it says the active item is zeolite

Julia S.
04 Apr 2020
Keeping my veges fresh

I had bought some green bags that were supposed to keep my veges fresh. And they worked! I have been able to keep broccoli and greens fresh for the 2 weeks I’ve been in isolation so I could keep healthy until my new order arrived yesterday. Can’t recommend them enough

Ian R.
04 Apr 2020
Green Bags

Can you elaborate on what green bags are or are they just green?