Box of fresh food being delivered.
Research report
31 March 2020

How to make your food last longer

Tips to extend the shelf life of popular staples, such as bread, flour and fruit.

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Anna H.
25 Apr 2020
Defrosting bread or rolls

If you are defrosting bread or rolls do it at 50% power in the microwave. It is nicer to eat and does not get dried out.

Yannina W.
19 Apr 2020
Freeze leftover tomato and capiscum

If you have a salad you won't finish, fish out the pieces of tomato and capsicum and store them in (separate) containers in the freezer. Next time you are making something that uses cooked tomato or capsicum, get them out and use them.

Kerry G.
05 Apr 2020
Keep carrots fresh

Keep in the vege drawer in fridge in a lidded container filled with water. Change water daily.

R M.
05 Apr 2020
Eggs Tip

As Eggs age they generate gas internally.
Fill a bowl with water. A really fresh egg will lay flat on the bottom of the bowl.
The older the egg the more the egg tilts towards the vertical (more gas).
If the egg floats then its near ready to hatch

Diana M.
05 Apr 2020
Green bags

Can you let me know who sells them - the supermarkets?

06 Apr 2020
Try Amazon

Apparently they are obtainable from Amazon. Here is a link to a Wikipedia article on green bags where it says the active item is zeolite

Julia S.
04 Apr 2020
Keeping my veges fresh

I had bought some green bags that were supposed to keep my veges fresh. And they worked! I have been able to keep broccoli and greens fresh for the 2 weeks I’ve been in isolation so I could keep healthy until my new order arrived yesterday. Can’t recommend them enough

Ian R.
04 Apr 2020
Green Bags

Can you elaborate on what green bags are or are they just green?