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19 November 2020

How to set up a new phone

Don’t pay a retailer hundreds of dollars to set up your new phone – it’s easy when you know how.

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Jacqueline d.
22 Nov 2020

I've bought my last two phones from 2 degrees Wellington. In both cases, the staff transferred my information while I waited for no charge. And they answered my questions about set-up details.

Lawrence Cartmell
22 Nov 2020
iPhone to iPhone transfer.

Having recently transferred data from an older iPhone to newer iPhone twice recently, a useful piece of information at the start of the process is to switch both phones off, get the new phone started to the point where it tells you to hold it close to the old phone and then switch on the old phone. The Bluetooth (which must be on in the old phone) recognition process seems to work best when this is done.