30 March 2022

I spent a week with an air fryer – are they worth all the hype?

Finally I bowed to pressure and got hold of an air fryer to try out. Here is what I found out from a week of frying air.

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03 Apr 2022
Toasted Sandwichs

Just tried the toasted Sandwich in the air fryer and it was so good I had to make a second one

Johnny B.
03 Apr 2022
Economical & easy to use

Our Air Fryer (an inexpensive $129 7 litre Anko) has been fab. It cooks at lower heat & is faster therefore saving $, is easier to get access to the food (no heavy door or hot & heavy baking tray - safe & more convienient) and is just so easy to use. With some experimentation, food tastes great. All the above plus it has a cool "touchscreen" that illuminates from nowhere on the black top. We love it!

Kas S.
02 Apr 2022
Just have the 6L Living & Co

from The Warehouse and it does what I need it to do. We have gas hobbs which my partner likes to use all the time, but the electric oven only gets used now for big roasts. It's just so much easier using the Air Fryer for things like fried chips, spring rolls, sausage rolls etc. My partner also made a bacon and egg pie in it (lined it with baking paper first). It's just so much easier to use and you don't have to lift and drip off the basket as you do in an oil deep fryer. Also cleaning is so much easier and your not needing to muck around changing the oil like you need to do in a deep fryer.

Amie B.
02 Apr 2022
Love the air fryer

I've recently brought a Sunbeam and I love it! It's a mix of mini oven and air fryer.

It makes the best chips I've ever tried, nice crispy toasted sandwich, chicken nibbles... You name it and it cooks it.

Would recommend the air fryers with the door not just the basket versions

Simonne M.
02 Apr 2022
Love my Ninja Foodi

I've had my Ninja Foodi for 3 years now and still love it. Doesn't just air fry, roast/bake and grill, but has a separate lid so it can also pressure cook, slow cook, steam and sear/saute. Hardly ever use my oven now. I have the smaller sized one which is better for small households, 1-2 people.

02 Apr 2022
It can save you power

We bought the largest Westinghouse model air fryer for a family of three, as our 90cm oven is a real power hog.

Apart from the cranky mechanical timer, it cooks most things well.
It helps to plan what needs cooking longest, and then finish off the slower things last e.g. chips, then fish & then quick reheat of chips.