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Installing a cooktop

If you’re installing a new cooktop, we recommend getting a quote for installation before buying one – especially if you’re moving from a radiant-ceramic cooktop to an induction or gas cooktop.

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Induction cooktops can require a connection of up to 42 amps. This may be more than what was required by an existing radiant-ceramic cooktop and must be hard-wired by a licensed electrician. Installation cost depends on the difficulty of putting in a dedicated circuit between the main power board and the kitchen.

All cooktops need adequate ventilation space. It’s essential the manufacturer’s installation dimensions for minimum clearances and ventilation requirements are followed.

Not all induction cooktops can be safely installed above every under-bench oven so check the ventilation requirements of both appliances before buying.

If you’ve decided on a gas cooktop, a licensed or certified gasfitter needs to install it, as well as all the associated pipework and fittings. To check a gasfitter is qualified, ask to see their authorisation card. Authorised gasfitters must carry their licence card and are required to produce it when asked. Alternatively, you can check the public register of all certified and licensed gasfitters on the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board website.

Once installed, the gasfitter must issue a gas certificate to confirm it’s been properly installed.

Gas cooktops can be fuelled by natural gas or LPG, often supplied via twin 45kg cylinders located outside. If you're intending on using LPG, check the model you're buying is set for or can be converted to LPG – a certified gasfitter must do the conversion.

If you use gas only for your cooktop, another option is connecting it to a 9kg LPG cylinder, ideally installed outside. You can install the cylinder in a cupboard next to the cooktop if the cupboard has adequate ventilation to outside and no electrical sockets or switches inside. In some situations, other requirements may apply so stay safe and contact the PGDB on 0800 743 262 to check.

If you have any concerns that the work has been done by someone who isn’t authorised or isn’t competent, you can submit a report using the report-a-cowboy app at pgdb.co.nz/app.

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