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Research report
15 March 2015

Borer and other pests

Borer can weaken timber. Long term, it can threaten the structure of parts of your home.

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CW and DL D.
03 Oct 2020
Borer prevention - 2 or 3 tips

To stop borer infesting your woodpile and then infesting your house, manage your wood-pile well. (1) Any wood with borer holes should landfilled if it can't be burnt before the next flight season (spring-summer); usually this wood will have been dead for some time so will dry out and be burnt within weeks.

(2) The borer life-cycle is 3-5 years, so aim to burn wood in the 2nd or 3rd winter after cutting it. It will then be fully dried but any borer infecting the fresh cut surfaces will not have time to mature. Green wood stacked with air flow around and through it will dry quickly and be less unlikely to get infested.

(3)?? An old tip is to put fresh billets of poplar or other wood attractive to borer in your loft and underfloor so any borer that fly in will lay there. Replace the billets in spring of each year, and immediately burn the old billets. The snag with this approach is that they become a crowded nursery for borer if you forget to remove and burn **every** billet (or sell the house with them in place).

Bill Dashfield

Heather S.
05 Jan 2017
what do the common border look like and how big eg are they 1cm long?

I can't seem to find any continuity of pictures that I've googled. Many of the images I've seen are bugs like click beetles etc that we have in NZ. Can someone please post a picture of what most NZ borer that attack homes look like please? Consumer,ear, you really should load photos.

Previous member
11 Jan 2017
Re: what do the common border look like and how big eg are they 1cm long?

Hi Heather,

The Common House Borer is a small beetle about 4mm (1/8’’) long. It generally looks like any other common beetle, if a little smaller, i.e. round and fat with six legs and two thin antennae, and brown/copper colouring. We've now included a picture.

George - Consumer NZ staff