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15 February 2021

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Bryan S.
06 Nov 2019
Stacker doors

I have just built a new house and we have been in the house for about sixteen months From the time we moved in the stacker doors have leaked when cleaned with a garden hose
Our supplier has fixed all but one (which he has attempted to fix)
He tells me that he won’t fix it unless it leaks under rain conditions
Am I expecting to much that they should not leak under washing with a garden hose
Bernadette Smith

Denise W.
09 Dec 2015

I tried to find an up to date Consumer article on magnetic screens for aluminium windows but was unable to. Do you have one or can you please do one soon given that mosquitoes are prevalent at this time of the year

Previous member
09 Dec 2015

Hi Denise,

We don't have a lot of experience with magnetic screens for aluminium windows. Generally these are either DIY kits, where you make up your own plastic frame (with magnetic surfaces that adhere to the plastic) to which you attach the fly screen material, or pre-made kits, where the installer constructs and supplies a frame for your windows. Pre-made kits will be more expensive but are likely to last longer, and you'll be able to get a wider range of colours to suit your home.

My advice would be to ensure the screen's frame is good and thick, and can easily be bent back a fair way (so you can open and shut your window) without breaking or deforming. For DIY kits, make sure the magnetic strips are easy to attach to the frame and won't come unstuck, and that the screen material itself is easy to attach to the frame.

Kind regards,

Consumer NZ staff