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8 April 2019

Investment options explained

What are your options for building a retirement nest egg?

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David F.
14 Nov 2020
Property investment

if you buy a rental property now and sell within 5 years you will have to pay tax on the capital gain. Not just if you sell within 2 years as stated in the rental prperty section.

Nick B.
12 May 2019
What about Peer-to-Peer Investing?

I've only been a member of a peer-to-peer lender as an investor and found it really interesting to see the inside of how it works. There are risk well explained and advise to spread you investment 'units' as far & wide as you can. The return however it tracking much higher then a bank account, which is nice.

James W.
11 May 2019
What is your investment goal ?

Belinda, you open your article by stating "The aim of the game is for your investments to maximise your return". NOT NECESSARILY !!

People's aim should be to maximise the probability of achieving their investment goals. Their goals may be to maximise their investment returns, but may not. Indeed, they may have multiple & in some cases, conflicting goals. It's critically important to understand the goal(s) before embarking on any investment, otherwise the probability is that they will not be achieved.

Bruce Owen
11 May 2019
Managed funds fees

We have two managed funds portfolios. One has been performing well and the other adequately. The advantage over term deposits is that there is capital growth, as well as income. However my gripe is the way the fees are calculated. 1% or 1.6% does not sound much, but when that percentage is taken against the capital value of the portfolio, we end up having our income reduced significantly. This percentage is taken whether the fund increases or decreases. The trading banks are the worst at this. Given that these investments are managed across many portfolios the actual work involved does not warrant the fees. They are a rort. But what can one do, especially if we might be faced with capital gains tax at some stage in the future

Liz & Bruce D.
25 Oct 2018
Equity Fund account returns

I have been reading quarterly returns of different NZ Equity Funds investment companies. All of them show lower returns for the quarter than the market index return. That tells me that there are other companies with returns equal to or higher than the market index. Not only that, all the market indexes are different so comparison is difficult, if not impossible. What is my best approach to this?

Consumer staff
30 Oct 2018
Re: Equity Fund account returns

Hi Liz and Bruce,

There’s no simple answer to this, and a lot of debate!

For an overview of some of the issues, you might be interested in reading Mary Holm’s commentary. See, for example, “Reactions vary on discussion about which indexes to use”: http://www.maryholm.com/heraldholm.php?article=916

Natalie - Consumer NZ Staff

Robert & Heather W.
13 May 2019
Excellent Returns from NZ Equity

NZ Equity funds have typically returned 17.8% for the year ending 31st March https://www.fundsource.co.nz/kiwisaver/performance-tables/#NewZealand

Better still in the same period some NZSX50 Shares returned 40-50%