iPhone 11 Pro in different colours and Apple Watch 5 in grey.
Research report
20 November 2019

iPhone 11 Pro and Apple Watch 5 review

Our thoughts after trialling the iPhone 11 Pro and Apple Watch 5.

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James C.
24 Nov 2019
Ecosystem matters

A review based on a few technical points does miss the value inherent in owning an iPhone. Apple is in control of both software (operating system) and hardware which to me is a big advantage. Apple also take privacy way more seriously than Google (Android) who makes all its money from using user data. That's another huge advantage to Apple. Apple also has beautiful seem-less integration across all the different devices I own and iCloud, photos, logins etc. Stuff just works without hassle and in an intuitive manner. Point is, these somewhat shallow reviews miss all this value add - and that value-add is available equally for those buying the much more affordable previous models. These key Apple advantages are what consumers care about. Not minor tech specs.

David C.
23 Nov 2019
But...what about value for money?

Given these phones run from $1600 to approaching $3000, might it be time to add in a value for money measure as well as technical performance?

Jilli A.
23 Nov 2019
No truer word said

It's never the biggest, the best, the newest the latest, the bottom line is: What am I getting for my money?

Jilli A.

Consumer staff
25 Nov 2019
Re: But...what about value for money?

Hi David,

Thanks for your feedback. I have passed this onto our testing team for future consideration.

Kind regards,

Natalie - Consumer NZ staff