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Research report
4 December 2018

Bottled water: Better than tap?

We pit tap water against 22 bottled waters.

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Alan G
05 Feb 2021
Warkworth Water

Apparently a considerable number of residents in Warkworth use bottled water as the Warkworth water from a local bore is considered harsh based on known damage in the short to medium term to hot water jugs interior, hardware in showers, hardware in vanities. So what's the option if you prefer not to physically consume Warkworth tap water. Watercare states it's safe - define what is safe ?

Tony G.
21 Sep 2019
Dont blame the bottle for The environmental problem - it is the lazy human !

Water bottles can be 100% recycled in New Zealand.
The "PET plastic" used for water bottles is actually very sought after and high value recycle material.
It is far more energy efficient to recycle PET plastic than glass.

An environmental problem is only caused when a lazy and thoughtless humans decide to throw the used bottle in the trash or anywhere except the recycling bin.

Ray M.
29 Jan 2019
Bottled water is a scam

Selling bottled water is a scam in a country that treats tap water to a drinkable standard. The volumes sold just prove you can fool a lot of people a lot of the time. The plastic waste generated from all the containers is nothing short of criminal. Jacinda and co should be moving onto that now they've dealt with the plastic bags or at least planned to.
For those who don't like the taste of their tap water you can buy and install a basic online filter in for very little. Putting in a full house filtration system is overkill unless you really need to filter the water in your toilet.

Roderick G.
19 Jan 2019

In Hastings the tap water is now disgusting due to the chlorine they pump through it .
I bought a proper full house system filter system that does every tap and now tastes just fine . Shame I had to spend $1500 for it !

Thorsten S.
07 Oct 2021
chrlorine in tap water

pop the water you want to drink in the fridge in a jug at night
In the morning you will have cold chlorine free water


Bryan P
22 Dec 2018
Auckland Tap Water Often Tastes and Smells of Chlorine

We live on a lifestyle block just down from one of Auckland's treatment plants and it seems that Watercare (don't care?) staff are often heavy handed when adding chlorine. We took exception to frequently smelling and tasting chlorine and bathing / showering in water that may as well have been from a public swimming pool; on complaining to Watercare, an "engineer" called in to taste and smell our tap water and pronounced it to be "fine".

So, we gave up on Watercare and installed water tanks and our own filters and UV treatment. There will likely never be a payback on the capital cost and annual maintenance but we feel happier having control of our own water supply (and especially not being involuntarily medicated with fluoride).