10 June 2022

It ain't easy being tall

A tall man's search for a shirt that fits - and his recommendations for where to buy decent clothes.

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Richard P.
18 Jun 2022
Good quality, Big and/or tall, men or womens...Lands End USA

Lands End USA has been in the mail order/e commerce business for decades. I (male) have been buying office wear and casuals from them for years..their Oxford shirts are the best shirts I have ever owned, ...long leg length, no problem they hem to your spec. Its generally five days from order to delivery. Quality is great, in many years I have never been disappointed. and they still mail out catalogues to NZ.

David C.
14 Jun 2022
Does anyone have a good source for big men's shoes?

I'm 185 cm, but my genetic lottery left me with size US15 feet.

There are few (if any) local firms that carry anything but sports shoes in my size - YY nation being an exception for their casual wool sneakers.

I've been buying from Amazon.com and shoes.com for years, but Youshop's pricing and service has become poor, while other freight services are becoming prohibitive - does anyone have any other good sources?

Nick B.
18 Jun 2022
Johnny Bigg

Johnny Bigg have a good range of shoes. I'm US15 too they've got stores in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch. They also do tall clothes but only start at XL

Elizabeth M.
13 Jun 2022
Pants to order

I too am tall. I hate looking for clothes - the sales people have a way of making you feel a freak.
I worked at Lincoln for 18 years and discovered a clothing manufacturer up the road in Springston. These guys worked out of what used to be a church - they called themselves George Roy. I would go into their shop and on the counter were three a2 size cards of fabric samples. Card one $45 pants, card two $65 and Card three $100+. These guys would measure you up and keep your measurements on file. You picked the fabric and in two weeks your pants were ready. They only ever made pants - not jackets just pants. Then alas they sold the business - rats.
When I was in Perth I discovered "Kingsize Menswear" which are all over Australia and was finally able to find clothes that fitted and look good.
I can order online and items are delivered quickly and they are super helpful.
Thanks for your article, it's great to know that there are others out there just like me.
Bruce M

John B.
13 Jun 2022
Tall women

I have bought from UK based Long Tall Sally for 30 years. My 5’ 10” tall daughter does now too. We both are long limbed with relatively shorter body. LTS are Particularly good for trousers but it’s nice to have properly proportioned shirts and jackets as well.
I buy when I visit the UK or get my UK based daughter to buy and ship clothes so I don’t know about direct shipping to NZ. I’m currently having difficulty trying to find a motorbike jacket.
Stylish larger Shoes or boots are a difficult problem. Any tips for buying them in NZ would be much appreciated..?

Simon P.
12 Jun 2022
One size doesn’t fit all

Thanks for the great article. It made me laugh as so many of your experiences mirror my own (even though I’m only 6’ 6”). It’s so frustrating that no NZ retailers have switched onto the idea that tall people need longer trousers, longer sleeves and longer shirts... not wider ones.
I’ve shopped at 2Tall.com (based in the UK) before and found their jeans to be good quality. They have a comprehensive sizing guide which is useful as you can measure existing clothing to see how it compares. Their shipping is extra but it’s fast and not too expensive if you buy several items at once.
Another brand I have found to be more generous for a longer leg is Hugo Boss. I was looking for a nice suit for work and went to Man to Man in Wellington. The owner can instantly gauge your size (without a tape measure!) and find a good fit off the peg. I’ve got some great jeans there too.
Thanks again for the great, informative article. I’m going shopping online again!

Kirstie P.
12 Jun 2022
Tallish women have this problem too

I'm tall but not that tall. I'm not anywhere close to 6ft or 1.8m but I am roughly average height range - for a man. 10cm taller than average for a woman. Yes, I am also overweight but not extremely. My height is mostly in my torso, anything with shaping usually doesn't fit. Nothing designed to stay tucked in is long enough to stay tucked in. Low rise trousers don't have enough crotch depth. Bra straps are barely long enough or too short. Even socks can be a problem as my feet are the top of the normal size range. Forget trying to buy stockings or panty hose anywhere other than online (try snags.com.au). I hover between "normal" sizes and "larger" or "fuller figure" sizes. One size too large in the normal range and too thin or tall for the "fuller figure" ranges. I can't even buy patterns to sew without making multiple adjustments. I count myself lucky, my mother, sister and aunt are all taller than me and have longer, larger feet.

Roland S.
11 Jun 2022
Awesome, thank you :-)

Kia ora James

Thank you so much - I am a mere 2m but really appreciate your article. I really appreciate the clothing links! I also just searched for the FB group without success - would be great if you could name it?

To add a little helpful info - for shoes (my feet are a US size 16) I have found BigShoes,com the best for casual and they ship to NZ. Formal shoes are tricky as most manufacturers don't cater for the extra torque on longer shoes and they come unstuck. McKinlays in Dunedin have made all my formal shoes and they have lasted years with regular resoling.

In Melbourne, High and Mighty still exists despite have closed its central Melbourne location due to Covid and they have a smaller shop in the inner burbs. All my formal trousers have come from there for the last decade.

One final question - do you play basketball? :-D :-D -D

Now I am older i don't get that but it used to be a contest between that and "Gosh you're tall" at least two or three times a week.

Very best wishes and thanks again



James - Consumer staff
14 Jun 2022
Kia Ora Roland

Thanks for your awesome feedback. The Facebook group is named - TALLER THAN YOU! guys at least 6'6 and ladies at least 6'0

Now I do get that question (and other comments) multiple times a week! It's part of the job description of being tall.


Jude c.
11 Jun 2022
Skinny and tall

When i met my partner (about 200cm) in mid 90s, he hardly had any clothes but he did buy the odd shirt from LLBean by neck and sleeve length, and thin in the waist. Also from then on whenever we went to USA we visited SF or LA and went to dicount stores called "Ross Dress for Less". Now hos side of the wardrobe is fuller than mine