29 July 2022

Savings gender gap: how we can make KiwiSaver fairer for women

A potentially bleak retirement is on the cards for some women.

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Angela M.
03 Aug 2022
Kiwi saver women

I missed out kiwisaver in three ways. Staying home with children, being part of business partnership with husband and being in a benefit. I think government should put miney into beneficiaries kiwi saver like employers do. For people self employed there should be a way to help e.g. tax refund for contributions. Otherwise you have to fund employer and employee miney to put in. Government contribution should go back to old $1040 or even higher. $520 is too low. It disadvantages low income workers the most.

Kelvin D.
01 Aug 2022

Stick to your knitting! By all means analyse and report on KIwi Saver and how it can best be of benefit or fails to be of benefit and other shortcomings. But educate! This article reads like a Labour Government grant aided propaganda piece decrying inequities in the social structure. Its not what I want to see cluttering up my emails. Time to rethink my annual subscription methinks

John T.
30 Jul 2022
NZ Superannuation is the answer, not KiwiSaver

KiwiSaver is a trap. It is great for those who will have unbroken, highly-paid employment from when they're 18 till they're 65 (or more), but the lower paid or more intermittent and precarious the work, the worse KiwiSaver becomes.
What New Zealand needs is for NZ Superannuation to be restored to about the level it was when begun by Robert Muldoon: for a couple, 80% of the average wage. NZ Superannuation needs to be doubled to be in the vicinity of $900 a week tax-free for each person, to cover all costs including rent.
That will require anyone applying for NZ Super to pay a tax rate of 50% on all other income, including the deemed or imputed income from investments, including the rent saved by living in a house one owns. Swingeing though this may seem, it will ensure that NZ Super goes to those who need it, by deterring those who don't.
And as a small step to helping to pay the cost of NZ Super, all state subsidies of KiwiSaver should cease; KiwiSaver should simply be a managed fund to which a worker (and his or her employer) may contribute, to provide extras later in life that NZ Super will not cover.

Jennifer Sarah C.
30 Jul 2022
What's going on Consumer?

Why are you doing investigative journalism articles? You test toasters!. I'm really concerned where Consumer are heading.
Can we leave articles like this to Stuff News & The Herald please.
Consumer are heading in a different direction since Sue Chetwin left.

Geoffrey S.
30 Jul 2022
What's going on at Consumer?

Keep up the good work - Consumer does a better and more thorough job of investigating issues like this than media outfits like the Herald which often presents sensational and inaccurate information in a "once over very lightly manner". Stuff often does a better job but Consumer is an excellent unbiased source not afraid to criticise banks, insurance companies and other rat bag corporates who do their best to mislead and profit from uninformed consumers.

Jennifer Sarah C.
30 Jul 2022
What's going on Consumer

Re Geoffrey S
It's not Consumers job to weigh into political subjects like this. They review products and services and inform their paying customers of the outcome of their tests.
I'm not interested on Consumers opinions on inequities on kiwisaver. They can review the current options Kiwisaver offer and inform their customers on those and their consumer rights. Other than that I'm not paying my consumer subscription for opinion pieces, there's enough of those in the media and on the internet to sink a battleship!.

Mike H.
01 Aug 2022
What's going on Consumer

Fully agree here. This is not the type of content that I am paying a subscription for. If there was a problem with Kiwisaver as a product that we needed to be aware of then fine. I look to Consumer to provide information that helps me make informed decisions about goods and services.

This is not the place to advocate social or political agendas such as government policy, collective bargaining, pay equity, diversity and inclusion. Leave it to the mainstream media. There is no shortage of similar content already out there.