2 July 2021

Landlords warned to be wary of pricey assessments

Check the fine print if you’re hiring a company offering a healthy homes assessment.

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05 Jul 2021
Healthy homes

Thanks for your reply Frank. How does this work with a periodic tenancy? The same? Seems very unfair to have to wait until 2024 to get a heat pump.

04 Jul 2021
Before 1st July?

What are the rules for renewed leases before 1st July? My sons lease was renewed on 16th June and he's confused.

Frank - Consumer staff
05 Jul 2021
Re: Before 1st July?

Hi Sandy,

The new rules only apply to new or renewed tenancies from 1 July. Unfortunately, this means the new rules won't apply to his tenancy until July 2024. If he renews at any date going forward it should apply. Here's more info:

Kind regards,
Frank - Consumer NZ staff

Gordon T.
03 Jul 2021
Here we go again

This will be a similar situation to that with the hysteria surrounding meth contamination and remediation. That saw a proliferation of cowboys offering their 'services' without any regulatory supervision or approval. Caveat emptor.

Dom H.
03 Jul 2021
Avoid popup companies

Whenever the govt announce things like Heathy Homes etc, new companies desperate to get their hands on your or the governments cash popup out of the woodwork like leaches and provide nice glossy reports and a flash website, none of which is actually very helpful. Stick to your longer term trade providers, who wont disappear when the moneys gone.
Disclaimer; my electrical business in Auckland (Hines Electrical) provides HH reports for $115 and refunds it in full if you proceed with any of the quotes we provide to meet the standards.

john M.
04 Jul 2021
Excellent service

Dominic and Maria Hines run a very efficient business.
For the 16 years we lived in Freemans Bay, Auckland up until 2016 we used Hines Electricial, as did some of our other Body Corporate members and our family members.
‘Stick to your long term trade providers’ is the best advice you can receive.
An aside - electricians are notorious for leaving wire clippings on your floor. Hines statement is “if we leave a mess the first hour is free”. We never had anyone from Hines leave a mess hence we never received a free hour !!
Diana and John, Waiheke Island.