1 July 2021

Legionnaires' traced to spa pool

Bacteria found in spa treated with “set and forget” cleaner.

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Marion D.
11 Jul 2021
We've been using this product for a while now... two different wooden hot tubs. Chlorine/bromine erode the timber in wooden hot tubs so we looked around for an alternative. We usually have two filters so we can swap them over to clean regularly and we make sure the water circulates as per the instructions. So far no problems and nicer to be in than chemicals.

Paul P.
10 Jul 2021
Nothing more than snake oil

Tried this product and found it a complete waste of time. Followed all the instructions and the water went cloudy after a week. When you research their claims there is no independent scientific evidence. Retailers like to push the product because of the huge profit margins. I got my money back after a month of using it.

Steve S.
10 Jul 2021
Simple silver works for me

I've been using Simple Silver for over a year and as far as I'm concerned it lives up to its claims. I've taken care to increase the flow rate as per instructions, and clean the filter weekly. Otherwise no fuss, no mess, no weekly testing/chemicals, no chlorine (to which my family are allergic) - just pristine water. Costs are roughly comparable with chlorine treatments, perhaps a little more for Simple Silver.