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14 December 2020

MoleMap customer gets apology for “extremely disappointing” experience

Skin-imaging company MoleMap refunds customer $1386.

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Richelle S.
31 Jul 2021
I Recommend Skin Scan

I have used Skin Scan in Hamilton for the first time recently and was very happy with their service. For $175 they had a nurse take pictures of my whole body while lying down, I had to change to my side and tummy etc. After she was finished a GP with some type of skin cancer certification came in and went over me again with a special light. The whole process took just under an hour. The receptionist, nurse and doctor were all lovely. I would recommend them!

Denis K.
22 Dec 2020
Conflicted biz model

Rule 1 - dont use a service that acts as giving a diagnosis and advice, who then makes a living off you accepting that advice for the remedy! and then accepting the remedy that they also provide, and make a living off that. Of more concern is the large amount of false positives that they have. " just want to take this out in case". Go to your normal doctor for diagnosis and separate the diagnosis and the fix ( via referral) to remove what is a huge conflict of interest at Mole Map

Ross C.
19 Dec 2020
Mole checks

MoleMedic could be a good option.
Qualified doctor with ability to treat
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