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29 July 2021

MoleMap customers criticise service

Skin-imaging company MoleMap attracts more complaints.

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Greg M.
31 Jul 2021
Similar poor MoleMap experience

I had a similarly poor MoleMap experience last year. Basically little more than a 5 minute FAQs about skin cancer! Rip off.

I tried Molecheck last month and had a vastly better experience - for less money and full Southern Cross coverage. Highly recommended!

James C.
31 Jul 2021
Would never go back

Bad experience too. This industry is ripe for some regulation and standards. The so-called skin specialists are simply milking the public with 5min consults that can cost hundreds.

For a few years i had checks by Dr Mark Gray at Skin Institute in Takapuna. On the last one he said 'you should get a mole map done'. No reason given.
Booked in at Mole Map in Takapuna. In the consult room after the lady swaggers back from lunch late, she picks up from the desk an SLR camera with a lens flash ring on it and says "what do you want me to take" I said what? She said "you need to tell me what moles to photograph - you get 3 moles to photograph". Totally bamboozled, I said Mark Gray referred me. She said "well, you need to tell me which moles are of concern". So obligingly I pointed to one that Gray said to keep an eye on. She took a pic like she was on holiday. Then said, "any others?" I said knock yourself out - you choose. I came away speechless.

Now I thought Mole Map actually mapped moles on the whole body - then took pics again on subsequent visits to monitor change! How wrong was I.

About two weeks later I couldn't stop thinking about this - right from the adhoc referral by Gray to the strange and totally inadequate MM experience. So i did some digging.

I discovered Mark Gray was a part-owner of both Skin Institute and Mole Map - he still is as per Company's Office records (MOLEMAP LIMITED (875124) and SKIN INSTITUTE HOLDING COMPANY LIMITED (1246076) - which is the 100% owner of Skin Institute Ltd).

Gray was a founder of Mole Map, remains a shareholder of both Mole Map and Skin Institute, and has been a Director of these companies in the past too.

The undisclosed conflicts of interest disgusted me and I never returned to either company. Now I just use the family doctors who have a skin doctor. Way cheaper and better service.

Anne C.
31 Jul 2021
Molemap misdiagnosis

I stopped going to Molemap after they diagnosed a "concerning lesion" and advised me to seek specialist treatment. It was a small fungal skin lesion that cleared up with a few days OTC topical fungal cream application.

Chris R.
31 Jul 2021
Mole Map apathy

I stopped going to MoleMap several years ago. On the last visit I paid $350 for approximately 6 minutes in the room . The nurse did not get off her seat once but instead asked me to turn around in front of her. When I registered my discontent by email I did not get a reply from MoleMap.

Greg M.
31 Jul 2021

Exactly the same experience

Robin B.
31 Jul 2021
missed skin lesions

I use to go to Molemap regularly, but I had two instances where there were missed lesions, even a week later after their report. It is cheaper and better to go to a Specialist Dermatologist.