22 November 2021

Neutrogena sunscreen pulled from shelves after benzene detected 

Company’s website advises people to stop using Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist SPF50+, but there won't be a public recall. 

A Neutrogena sunscreen has been taken off shop shelves after testing found low levels of a known carcinogen – benzene – in some samples. 

But while there have been public recalls in other countries there won’t be one here – leaving most people who have bought it unaware of the issue. 

A Neutrogena sunscreen is being recalled after traces of benzene were found.

Brand owner Johnson & Johnson pulled Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist SPF50+ aerosol sunscreen (140g) from sale and put a notice on the Neutrogena website telling people to stop using the product and throw it out.  

In May, the sunscreen was found to contain benzene in testing carried out by US lab Valisure. It tested 294 sunscreens from 69 companies and found 27 percent had benzene contamination.  

Johnson & Johnson then did internal testing of its sunscreens and found low levels of benzene in some samples. It recalled the sunscreen in the US, along with others sold there –under its Neutrogena and Aveeno brands – that also tested positive.

The sunscreen was also recalled in Australia because the levels of benzene were above the threshold set by their Therapeutic Goods Administration.  

While Johnson & Johnson has withdrawn the sunscreen here, it wasn’t required to issue a public recall. 

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, which manages the product recall register, said the company had provided evidence that exposure to benzene at the levels detected “would not be expected to cause adverse health consequences … As the danger cannot be confirmed in this case, a voluntary product recall notice has not been published”. 

We think Johnson & Johnson should have issued a public recall for this sunscreen to help ensure customers were made aware of the problem and the advice to throw it out. 

Benzene is not an ingredient in sunscreens, but a contaminant by-product introduced during manufacturing. Benzene is banned in cosmetics in New Zealand under the Cosmetic Products Group Standard, except at trace levels that are “technically unavoidable in good manufacturing practice”.  

Valisure said the fact its testing found most sunscreens did not contain benzene showed it was avoidable. 

A Johnson & Johnson spokesperson said the voluntary withdrawal of this aerosol sunscreen was made out of “an abundance of caution”. 

If you’ve bought this sunscreen, you can find a refund form on Neutrogena’s website.  

Member comments

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Philip H.
27 Nov 2021
Is Neutrogena Wet Skin 85+

So is the above product alright then?

Kate H.
18 Feb 2022

Yes it's just the one Neutrogena product in the article.
Kate Harvey.

Kay R.
27 Nov 2021
From what date of manufacture?

I have Neutrogena sunscreen from a couple of years ago, is this OK?

Kate H.
18 Feb 2022

Hi Kay,
It's just the one Neutrogena sunscreen that's affected so if you've got a different one and it hasn't expired yet you can keep using it. The advice in the Australian recall for the affected Neutrogena sunscreen was to throw it out if it had an expiry date of 30 August 2023 or earlier.
Kate Harvey.

L & M L.
27 Nov 2021
What about ...

Neutrogena Beach Defence SPF 50 spray (yellow container)? Should we throw this out too?

Josephine O.
28 Nov 2021

I'd like to know if the Aveeno brand is affected too, because I just bought it as a replacement because I couldn't find my favourite :O

Donna T.
29 Dec 2021
Neutrogenia Beach Defence

I too would like more information as I just bought this on 28 December 2021 from a chemist in Wanaka. Is it safe to use? Johnson And Johnson appear to have issued a voluntary recall of this product so why is it still for sale in NZ and especially at a chemists?

Kate H.
18 Feb 2022

Hi to all in this comment thread,

Here is an article from our US equivalent Consumer Reports about the sunscreens recalled there -

We believe the sunscreen mentioned in our article is the only one from the US recall that was available here.

Kate Harvey.

Rob H.
24 Nov 2021
Neutrogena Ultra sheer sunscreen

I bought a tube of this at Chemist Wharehouse in New Plymouth yesterday, 23 Nov 21.

Kate H.
18 Feb 2022

Hi Rob,
If it's the same sunscreen as the one in this article you should take it back and show them they shouldn't be selling it. If it's in a tube though it will be a different sunscreen as the affected one is a spray.
Kate Harvey.