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New, improved Consumer magazine coming June 1

Our flagship magazine will from June become a bumper edition – double the content, published every two months, and more focused on the issues that affect us all.


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When we published our first Consumer magazine in 1959, it was the only way Kiwis could see how products performed when independently tested. Today the information landscape has totally changed. This means our magazine has to evolve too.

For many of you, your first port of call when researching products and services is

So, we asked what you’d like from Consumer magazine. The answer was content that really delved into areas that mattered for all consumers.

So, from June, our magazine research and investigations will be even more in-depth. The first issue has a winter theme. At least 30 of the 84 pages have advice about staying warm this winter. We’ll be using our knowledge and databases, built over many years, to give you the best advice on what to look for in a heat pump, which is the most efficient way to heat your home, handy tips on how to make your house more cosy – and for tenants, what to expect from your landlord.

Future topics for in-depth coverage include making the most of your finances and what to look for in a KiwiSaver scheme, transport (particularly electric cars and bikes), and healthy eating and living (how to sort the bogus claims from the ones that matter).

We’ve also taken the opportunity with the launch of our new magazine to switch to more environmentally friendly paper.

As a not-for-profit, more than 80% of our funding comes from consumers which makes it important we stay relevant to your needs.

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We hope you’re looking forward to our new-look magazine as much as we are!