26 May 2022

New flushable product standards to fight fatbergs

World-first flushability rules to help consumers identify products that are safe to flush down the toilet.

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Geoff G.
28 May 2022
Sit on it and flush with ease and safty.

The responsible population of the 21st century feel safe knowing that "flushable" means safety in knowing that their pipework is safe from blockage and costly repairs.
Others, face unwanted costly repairs and very little respect for the problems "they" have caused.

Elayne Sanders
28 May 2022
Where to buy B-Det product

Have been buying Sorbent wet-wipes for years, only one that shreds when using, so presumed it was OK as labeled so.

Paul D.
28 May 2022
Highly recommend B-Det product

A NZ developed foam product you pump onto standard toilet paper that turns it into a wet wipe, yet fully biodegradable, and as toilet paper it disintegrates as it is flushed. I feel that this could replace 90% of wipe use

Cindy N.
29 May 2022
Why use wet wipes?

Foam on toilet paper = more chemicals into the system and flushing out to sea or even ending up in your drinking water. Whatever did people use before wet wipes, they are a relatively recent product. If you must have something moist on your backside why not use water on toilet paper, most toilets have a sink very nearby.