1 June 2022

Higher fixed rate for gas confirmed

Changes to the gas industry could see it evaporating in coming years.

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Dwayne B.
03 Mar 2022
Consumer consistently adopts positions based upon extreme politics that are to the detriment of actual consumers

Consumer is completely captured by extremists with a myopic world view.

There is no good reason for a country of a few million people to cease using gas for domestic use.

Of course, those who work at Consumer are all very well-off financially and think nothing of splashing $30K on a large solar array and a Tesla Powerwall.

There's a term for peole like this: champagne socialists. I can smell the smugness from here.

Michelle G.
24 Feb 2022
Instant hot water

We replaced our low pressure hot water tank with a gas instant hot water system, and picked the greenest option. I would be loathe to swap back to electricity. Our house is unsuitable for solar fit-out, so all our energy would be electric. Where does the government think the extra electricity generation is going to come from? People shower when it's dark and also use heating when it's dark (no solar available). Wind and tide options don't deliver guaranteed supply.

If the government is seriously concerned about fossil fuel use, then push to get a lot of trucks off the road and invest in rail. That will do more to help NZ's fossil fuel use than to penalise people with gas connections.

Irene C
22 Feb 2022
Reduced power consumption

We moved from northland to taranaki 3 months ago..the property we bought has a cooktop on bottled gas and gas hotwater. The power bill is 70 to 80 dollars less per month and that is during the summer months...we would be very reluctant to change to electric hobtop and hot water cylinder

Paul S.
22 Feb 2022
A boot and not a carrot

The New Zealand government appears to be quite consistent in its approach to getting us to do stuff, and most of the time uses a boot. It would be good if they took the approach that the UK has and give out subsisdes with the boot to encourage us to switch from Gas to Electricity. We have solar, and the main use is to power the car. Our heating, hot water and hob are all gas, and to switch just the ducted gas heating to a heat pump would cost in excess of $16,000 and would require replacing all of the ducting. We haven't yet looked at changing over the water heater, but imagine that will be thousands too. The UK government are handing out the equivalent of $10,000 grants to switch, and that would go a long way to funding us to switch from gas to electric.

Peter H.
25 Feb 2022
No Subsidies? What about insulation subsidies, for example?

Information on insulation subsidies here...

21 Feb 2022


Willie &Chris V.
22 Feb 2022
Please stop screaming.

All caps use in txt is screaming, no need for that. No government ever wants to destroy the economy, so your argument is based on unsubstantiated emotional thinking. Global warming caused by fossil fuel burning is a proven reality. Chris Verburg

Peter H.
25 Feb 2022
Climate Change is Real

It's happening now and it's just going to get worse. If everybody just stands by and says, let someone else make the changes, then we are doomed. If the Government were hell bent on wrecking the economy then it has failed spectaculary, with record employment, etc in the face of a global pandemic, global supply chain disruption and global inflation. Accusing the Greens of existing for propaganda is a bit rich when you're just spreading National Party talking points. This isn't the forum to do that.

Peter C.
20 Feb 2022
Existing gas user

While gas is still being used to produced electricity it seems more efficient to use gas in my house for cooking, water heating and space heating. The loss of the energy in gas when it is used to produce electricity and also in the transmission power lines means it doesn't make sense for me to convert to all electric. If electricity was 100% renewable I would be more inclined to shift, but currently in-house use of gas seems better for the environment.

Ross C.
19 Feb 2022
We changed from Gas to Solar with great results

To reduce our footprint and to avoid the excessive $50 per month fixed minimum charge, we changed our water heating, some house heating and stove top from reticulated gas to solar/grid electricity and bottled gas. When we purchased a second hand electric car our costs and carbon use significantly reduced even more. After 1 year we have paid half for our electricity, $40 in total for our bottled gas, and travelled 13,000 km with zero emissions and practically zero cost cf petrol. Saving at least $50 per week as well as the emission reductions.
Of course there are setup costs but all those that can afford a new car, at $35,000, could afford to do what we did. They would not only reduce their footprint but they would significantly recoup their costs, which a new car purchase would certainly not allow them to do!

Paul S.
22 Feb 2022
Upfront costs are excessive

We got solar last september, the main purpose was to charge the car, but switching our ducted heating $16,000, hot water $$$$ and hob $$ to electricity mean going completely electric firstly doens't make financial sense, and secondly is really expensive. The goverment needs to give grants to switch, rather than taxing us.

Paul S.
25 Feb 2022
Battery storage cost

I forgot to mention the $18,000 needed for the solar battery so that you can use electric heating from solar when the sun isn't shining. So we'd be looking at around $41,000 to completely move away from gas.

John R.
19 Feb 2022
What are the alternatives?

I'd like to see more discussion on alternatives (electricity, solar, stored solar heated hot water etc) If mains electricity is to be the solution then there needs to be a meaningful discussion of cost, evironmental and aesthetic as well as $, of power generation. Every source of energy has its downsides and these issues need to be debated earlier in the process.

19 Feb 2022
Gas is good for cooking.

We use bottled gas for our hob. It’s very quick and responsive, cf electricity.

What concerns me more is that Chinese dirty coal is being imported and used. If coal must be used (and it appears necessary, just now) why not use cleaner coal from the many mines on the West Coast? Not only is Chinese coal dirty coal, but Chinese coal wastes even more resources by needing to be freighted a long way.

Willie &Chris V.
22 Feb 2022
Induction cooking

Induction stoves are just as responsive as gas, I’ll certainly will replace my gas (bottle) stove for an induction stove soon.

Paul S.
22 Feb 2022
Induction is terrible

Willie &Chris V. I've used induction hobs and they don't compare in any way to the responsive ness and heat of gas, and you may need to buy a whole new set of pots to use them.

roy p.
19 Feb 2022
clean fuel natural gas

It is misleading to label natural gas a 'dreaded fossil fuel'
Methane C H4 is more like hydrogen. It burns to produce 2 molecules of water and one of Carbon dioxide. If we replace all our diesel and coal use with Natural gas we wont have a carbon emissions problem. This is happening a lot in the North of our planet.

Willie &Chris V.
22 Feb 2022
The North is changing

In England you are not allowed to install gas heating in new builds, so they are changing all this for no reason?

Paul S.
22 Feb 2022

Willie &Chris V. In the UK you get the equivalent of $10,000 to switch, here in NZ we just get a kick up the arse by the government.

B A S.
19 Feb 2022
Electricity in New Zealand is a finite item

and I am amazed people can't see this. The Greens have essentially blocked further power stations so we are in a sort of dreamland happily converting to electricity when those of us who can remember power cuts look on with alarm. Governments of the 1960s learnt quickly that sudden loss of electricity at 5pm infuriated voters and that situation still holds true. EV charging or cooking a meal, you choose.

Philippa C.
19 Feb 2022
George S

A combination of wind, solar, hydro (including recycled) and geothermal mean that electricity is definitely not a finite resource. Burning fossil fuels ( gas, coal) not only contributes to global warming but uses extractive resources that are finite. Plus the development of technologies that mean that energy use is more efficient (insulation, re-use of waste heat etc) will mean that we can wean ourselves off the burning of fossil fuels.

John S.
19 Feb 2022
Phase out of Gas

Gas may be a fossil fuel but it is much cleaner than coal. It should have a large role for a least the next 20 years. Phase out of carbon should be concentrated on coal plants and in the transport industry via congestion charging rather than households with a gas appliance that will be good for another 20+ year

19 Feb 2022
Move away from gas

Gas is a fossil fuel, the burning of which is destroying the planet. In New Zealand, with 80% renewable energy, it's a no-brainer to move away from gas to electric. We purchased our first home last year, which has gas hot water, and are beginning the process to electrify our hot water.

Paul S.
22 Feb 2022
Only new installations

For existing customers it isn't a no brainer. $16,000 for a new heat pump, several thousand for a new stove and several thousand for a water tank, and then the increase in power bills that go with it.

Mike S.
19 Feb 2022

With the recent break in electricity supply in the Waikato I am not convinced that relying on one form of power, if you have a choice, is a good idea. I also think that the demise of gas is premature. It is needed to transition to green alternatives. I believe we are in danger of getting power supply seriously wrong and I think we are likely to have less security of supply in the future. Something that is worrying Australians now with the early closing of their largest coal fired power plant at Eraring. Not too much to worry about here in New Zealand though?

Willie &Chris V.
22 Feb 2022
Australia is not a good example

Australia has some of the worst energy use records in the world. And their all powerful coal industry is trying to keep it that way, please don’t use them as an example. By the way they are the only country in the world that taxes EVs.

Paul S.
22 Feb 2022
South Australia and Solar

Willie &Chris V. South Australia has some of the cheapest wholesale electricity prices in the country, even as it reaches “world first” levels of 100 per cent solar power. They reported 100% renewable for an hour around mid october just from rooftop solar and utility scale solar. They have subsidies, we don't

Lynda S.
19 Feb 2022
New Build?

We are building and the gas option compared to the full electric heat pump option after fit out costs was less expensive. With uncertainty on future of gas it was a no brainer for us.