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17 December 2020

Noel Leeming warned over delivery claims

100 complaints lead to caution for big box retailer.

Noel Leeming has been warned by the Commerce Commission over delivery promises the electronics retailer made during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The commission investigated after fielding inquiries from 100 Noel Leeming customers who hadn’t received products within delivery times stated by the retailer, were having difficulties contacting the store and weren’t getting a refund when requested.

The commission believed Noel Leeming was likely to have breached the Fair Trading Act by claiming products would be delivered within a set time frame when it didn’t have reasonable grounds for the claim.

On April 5 and 6, the retailer accepted payment for 37 Amazon Kindle 4GB 2019 products when it had none left to meet orders. The retailer pulled the item from sale on April 6, then offered customers a refund on April 16.

On 26 June and 2 July, Noel Leeming advertised a DJI Ronin-SC Control Cable as having an expected one- to two-week time frame for delivery. However, it already had an overdue existing order and hadn’t established product availability or expected delivery dates.

Commission Chair Anna Rawlings said that while Noel Leeming faced “unprecedented consumer demand” during this period, it should have been more cautious in its representations about product availability and delivery time frames. It was much harder for consumers to shop around during the changing Covid-19 Alert Levels.

“Consumers were, therefore, heavily reliant on representations about availability and delivery times,” Ms Rawlings said.

Noel Leeming co-operated with the commission’s investigation and has changed its delivery representations.

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Rachel B.
15 Jan 2021
Happened to me as well

Claimed item was in stock and then failed to notify it wasn't until I chased. Claimed no responsibility. Only option was a refund.

Rob C.
06 Jan 2021
Still up to the same tricks January 2021

Seems a rap over the knuckles is not enough. I have just purchsed a boxing day sale item, then rang 5 working days later for a progress on delivery. I was told it is on order from the supplier and they don't know when it will be in - maybe February! This is not made clear under their 'click and collect' which suggests they are simply relocating stock from one store to another. Not happy and totally misleading. In the meantime they have my full payment in the bank.

Baerbel A.
05 Jan 2021
Noel Leeming warned over delivery claims

We had a similar experience with Big Save. Our available sofa is now over 5 month due to he delivered. I think there should be a rule that the retailer can just sell an item that is in stock or in the shop. Never had that experience in Europe. So why are Kiwis keeping up with this practice?

Marita B.
19 Dec 2020
Online purchases still treated as “orders”

Noel Leeming are still doing shady online shopping practices. I recently bought my son’s birthday gift of binoculars online, paying for it as click and collect as it is “in stock”. I drive to the store (which has 4 staff but one other customer) and am told they don’t have it in store. No apology. He checks on the computer and tells me it is not available in any colour or indeed any make in any Noel Leeming store in the whole of NZ! I express my frustration, and the retail worker shrugs and says, “Covid”. I complain that they shouldn’t take money for an item that they know is not in stock and he says it “is just an order”.

I then ask for my money back and am told he can’t do this and I have to call orders myself and cancel it! So I call myself, am put on hold, then told by the person who eventually answers that she is new so has to speak to a supervisor to get this sorted. So I am put on hold again....

The whole experience was disgraceful and I will NEVER buy from Noel Leeming again. They clearly have learned nothing from the lockdown investigation.

John K.
19 Dec 2020
Noel Leeming

With regard to the story about Noel Leeming making false claims about product availability. On 30 November we bought an LG TV from Noel Leeming. We were told the set was not in stock but would come in between 7 and 14 December. On 14 December we phoned the company to see where the set was. We were told that it would be another three weeks before the set would be available, Because the TV was to be a Christmas gift this news was all the more disappointing. We were offered the chance to swap to another item (which was not acceptable because of the limitations on other TVs in the price range) or credit. We had asked about a cash refund when we made the original purchase and insisted on this. We were then told we could have a cash refund but that was pointless at this time because it was too late to find an alternative product at the same (or similar) price.

The point is that Noel Leeming have changed nothing. They are still selling products they don't have and they are misleading customers about when the product will be available.


John Kelly