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18 February 2021

Opinion: Is the latest privacy stoush between Facebook and Apple bad for you?

Apple’s upcoming privacy change, how Facebook is reacting to it, and how it’ll affect consumers.

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David C.
20 Feb 2021
Facebook and advertising

As someone who tires of ads constantly showing him variations on the same thing, I added FB purity, Cookie Autodelete and Ghostery add-ons to my Firefox browser to control how much data FB, and Google for that matter, gets from me, the extent they can track my activity, and how many ads I get shoveled at me. It's just sad I need to do it to get out of the confirmatory bubbles their data algorithms create and I can see new results.

Johann S.
23 Feb 2021
... or simply switch to Brave Browser


B A S.
20 Feb 2021
Facebook will suffer in the end

There are thousands of techies who are against censorship and they are the future. These Big Tech companies are shooting themselves in the foot.