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23 March 2016

Palm oil

Palm oil is used in up to 50% of supermarket products. Will it ever shake off its bad reputation?

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Bob R.
04 Nov 2017
Palm oil- Product labelling extends beyond food ...

As discussed in the article, palm oil is used in a wide variety of products, not just food. I'd like to see mandatory labelling across the board that specifies exactly what goes into products such as shampoos, cosmetics, cleaning products etc. In my view it's just as important to understand the chemical makeup of products that we are either exposing our bodies too (in the case of cosmetics), or the environment (such as cleaners).

Of course this will never happen. Manufacturers will cry foul over publicly exposing their products' ingredients, and the use of palm oil will continue to be extended well beyond food products.

This article earns a 10-10 for scratching the surface on a global issue - well done. However, I'd encourage much wider research to discover the true extent of palm oil usage.

Nick L.
08 Apr 2017
palm oil

A useful note for consumers would also be a list of companies that avoid palm oil in their products.
Whittakers (NZ made chocolate) would be a classic case, where consumers have supported it hugely over Cadburys (American owned) who use the palm oil in their products.
For us to know which products are free of palm oil is often our only way of influencing the use of it in manufacturing.
Ultimately, we as consumers hold the trump card, as long as we have the information first.

Previous member
30 Jul 2016
There's an app for that

Android phone users might be interested in a free app I discovered, for Australian and NZ Products, that lets you scan a barcode and provides information about Palm Oil content in the product.

It's called "POI Palm Oil Barcode Scanner". I'm not affiliated with the people who make the app.


Sandy M.
02 Aug 2016
Thanks Kerry.

Thanks for that info Kerry. I have recently gone meat and dairy free, so want to keep on top of palm oil use. Have just uploaded the app.

Previous member
13 May 2016
Make public

Please make this article public so I can share it.

David McNabb
02 Apr 2016
Palm Oil

Dear Consumer, please keep up your advocacy for responsible Palm Oil. Cheers, David McNabb