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28 October 2016

Pet food

Are the claims made by pet food manufacturers more bark than bite?

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Llyvonne B.
25 Nov 2018
Raw diet

I have a small terrier and he has had a raw diet since he was a puppy - primarily human grade chicken (fed raw, with bones - important that there is no cooked chicken bones). He has had no problems with this diet. He is currently 12 and is active and have very few visits to the vet - and the majority are for annual check ups. I notice that my dog does not have the smelly breath or poop that is found with dogs that eat commercial dog food.
I have found out that it is important to be very careful with larger bones - especially with smaller dogs. These bones should be monitored because if a piece breaks off and the dog swallows it, it can cause a blockage. Also, large bones (e.g. beef leg) may damage the teeth of small dogs - so you do need to think about suitability.

Ray A.
24 Jan 2021
Wheat, corn and grains

Since when did dogs eat cereals? Their natural diet is meat and greens. My vet says: 80% greens e.g. silver bee and 20% meat.

William B.
02 Aug 2017
Cat likes and dislikes

It doesn't matter what pros and cons for the product, our cat will only eat one soft food and one brand of crunchy biscuits. It took us months of experimenting, but we finally found the right ones and she is doing well. So much for "Best of", although both are good brands, so I guess no harm done.

Gecko K.
31 Mar 2021
lol cats

Would have to agree - can't say much more than "the study says means nothing when compared to what my cat says"

Previous member
29 Oct 2016
Raw meaty bones

Our kelpie cross bitch died last year at the grand old age of 17. For the last 14 years of her life we fed her raw meaty bones and she thrived. No more trouble with vomiting and smelly dog smell or horrible poo. Her teeth were good to the end and praised by the vet. There is a vet in Oz who has written a book on the subject and he was visiting NZ and was talking on the radio. Everything he said made good sense and we became converts. If you Google raw meaty bones you can read all about the diet.

Laraine B.
05 Nov 2016
We give our dogs bones too

Those big things packed in plastic wrap that you can buy from Pak'n'Save for $1.99 (they used to be $1). But we do it mainly for their teeth rather than diet. The bones are nearly as big as they are so each dog gets put in a pen for 1/2 to 1 hour, on an average of 3-4 days per week. The bone seems to last that long.

Nyla S.
29 Oct 2016
Dog Food Allergy

My shitzu get allergies from most biscuits, the food thats working a treat for her now is the Tux medium triangle at breakfast, this she chomps away on and hopefully is cleaning her teeth, for dinner she has Butch sausage Gold/white and vegy. every so often I give her a raw egg or wheetbix and milk ... no scratching and eating herself raw now ... touch wood !!!

Nyla S.
14 Nov 2016
shitzu with allergies

my wee girl also was scratching and chewing herself to bits ... I heard about butch gold/white and I also gave tux med triangles ago with added vegy, sometimes egg, and sometimes weetbix and milk ... and great, she no longer has a problem ... highly recommend these tips