July 2022

Philips Hue lights: A great (but pricey) smart lighting system

We trialled smart LED bulbs and a lightstrip in-home to see what it's like to have unlimited control over your lights.

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Natalie D.
18 Jul 2022
Love the Hue system

Really great for accessibility, can't reach your light switch for whatever reason? No problem, use your phone, or get an additional hue switch that you can place wherever you want! And the switch also doubles as a removable remote, take it with you!
Dim your lights so they don't give you light sensory overload and help you work at your desk/computer with lights that don't hurt your eyes.
Afraid of the dark and hate that moment where you have to turn your lights off and sprint to your bed? No problem! Get into bed and then turn your lights off!

Love this system and am super glad we've slowly turned our entire house into a hue space.

Maurice V.
18 Jul 2022
Light switches work.

So do I.