5 May 2022

When pizza delivers hidden fees

We think Pizza Hut’s and Domino’s delivery prices are so opaque they risk breaching the Fair Trading Act.

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Peter H.
10 May 2022
Thanks for that

Never thought about it before. Will it stop me getting pizzas delivered, doubt it.

Your Highness
07 May 2022
Bake your own

I have a gas oven that turns out superb pizzas. Always served fresh, and a fraction of the price. Better for the environment too, because it avoids packaging and car running…

Bill R.
07 May 2022
Hell Pizza doesn't seem to do this

But maybe I should go down the road to check. I expect a delivery fee and no price difference for the pizza. This is quite the eye opener!

Simonne M.
07 May 2022
It's not just Pizza

I know KFC do the same thing as Pizza Hut, they are both part of Restaurant Brands. When you order through their website for delivery the price is higher than if you were to order the same item in store or through the drive-through. Then you have a delivery charge on top.

Ray M.
07 May 2022
Absolutely deceptive

This behaviour isn't opaque it is openly deceptive and completely against the whole conceptual basis of Fair Trading.
If they listed the pizza with the in-house and delivery price on the same page it would be OK but they are deliberately hiding the differential. The fact is that a delivery does cost but a delivery fee should cover it. Base the fee on order size or value if you like, as many stores do with a free delivery over $xxx. The idea is to be open and transparent. Looks like these guys are as bad as a government department with an OIA request.

Tony V.
07 May 2022
This is the same across other delivery services and restaurants

Use Uber or Deliver Easy or similar services and you'll see the same behaviour. The menu prices listed are often higher than their eat in or pick up menu prices plus delivery fees. These costs are hidden throughout the food delivery sector and should be transparent.

Janet S.
07 May 2022
Serving size

I don't use delivery service, if I can't collect I do without. However, I have noticed that for restaurants with same eat in and takeaway price the takeaway portions are considerably smaller. And it's not just due to container size because I've had containers only half filled. With the cost of waiting staff, and tables and dishes to clear as well as cost of floor space for eat in I would expect takeaways to be cheaper or have larger portions.