pizza with salami


Pizza doesn’t pretend to be a healthy option but before you 0800 you might want to opt for a pizza lower in kilojoules and sodium.

We checked out 58 large takeaway pizzas from Domino’s, Hell Pizza, Pizza Hut and Wholly Bagels & Pizza. We wanted to see which ones were a healthier choice, and how they compared with 33 supermarket pizzas.

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Sodium hit

If your favourite pizza includes processed meat toppings, such as pepperoni, salami and bacon, and stuffed cheesy crusts, you could be in for a salty shock. One slice of Domino’s BBQ Meatlovers Cheesy Crust Base, Pizza Hut BBQ Hawaiian Stuffed Crust, Pizza Hut Hawaiian Stuffed Crust or Pizza Hut Meatlovers Stuffed Crust has more than 600mg of sodium. Just 2 pieces provide you with more than half the adult recommended daily upper limit for sodium.

It’s even worse for Wholly’s Sal’s and New Yorker pizzas. Each slice packs nearly 900mg.

If you can’t live without meat on your pizza it’s not all fire and brimstone. Hell’s Gluttony and Envy pizzas, which have salami, ham and bacon, are a better choice with less than 300mg of sodium a slice.

Overall, vegetarian pizzas have less sodium – Hell’s vegetarian Pride pizza was the least salty with about 200mg a slice.

Kings of the kilojoules

When it comes to your waistline, it’s more bad news for processed meat and stuffed crust lovers. One slice of Domino’s BBQ Meatlovers Cheesy Crust Pizza has 1140 kilojoules. And who ever stops at one? If you knock over 4 slices (half a pizza) you’ll be eating more than half the 8700 kilojoules recommended as an average adult’s daily intake. It’s a similar story at Pizza Hut – its Pepperoni Lovers Stuffed Crust packs 1040 kilojoules a slice.

At Wholly Bagels & Pizza, where the slices are bigger, you’ll blow more than 5000 kilojoules with just three slices of its Sal’s pizza.

The lowest kilojoule pizzas in our survey were vegetarian. Domino’s Margherita Classic Base and Pizza Hut’s Veg Supreme on a thin crispy base have less than 600 kilojoules per slice.

Supermarket pizzas

With more than 90 outlets each, Domino’s and Pizza Hut have the budget market covered – you can get a large pizza for just $5. For around the same price or cheaper you can buy a chilled or frozen pizza at the supermarket. So how do supermarket options stack up?

On average, the 33 pizzas we looked at were lower in sodium than the Domino’s and Pizza Hut options in our table. Only 4 of the supermarket options were high in sodium, compared with 9 from Pizza Hut and 9 from Domino’s.

Compare pizzas

A red symbol (Red) means the product is high in fat (>17.5g/100g), saturated fat (>5g/100g), or sodium (>600mg/100g).

It’s difficult to compare pizzas slice-by-slice because there are huge variations in size – one slice of Domino’s Pepperoni Classic Base is 54g versus one slice of Wholly Pizza Sal’s, which weighs in at 131g. That’s why we’ve listed nutrition information per slice and per 100g. The 100g figures give you a gram-for-gram comparison but the per slice data show what you’ll be eating.

Takeaway pizzas

Pizzas1 slice
Price ($/pizza)Energy (kJ/slice)[sort;asc]Energy (kJ/100g)[sort;asc]Fat (g/slice)[sort;asc]Fat (g/100g)Fat (g/100g)[sort;asc;hidden]Saturated fat (g/slice)Saturated fat (g/100g)Saturated fat (g/100g)[sort;asc;hidden]Sodium (mg/slice)[sort;asc]Sodium (mg/100g)Sodium (mg/100g)[sort;asc;hidden]
Domino's Margherita Classic Base736.995978183.
Pizza Hut Veg Supreme Thin n Crispy707.505748195.
Pizza Hut Veg Supreme Deep Pan877.507188215.
Hell Pride9516.007938354.
Domino's Margherita Thin Base736.996278593.
Pizza Hut Veg Supreme Classic Crust807.506938686. 4.04.0297373373
Domino's Margherita Cheesy Crust Base909.987968846.
Domino's Margherita Deep Pan Base856.997528854.
Pizza Hut Veg Supreme Stuffed Crust9411.4087893510.611.311.36.1Red 6.56.5470501501
Domino's Vegorama Thin Base7512.997259672.
Domino's Vegorama Classic Base6712.9969410362.
Wholly Pizza Long Island 11916.001270107011.
Domino's Vegorama Cheesy Crust Base8815.9896610986.
Domino's Vegorama Deep Pan Base7712.9987611383.
Wholly Pizza Harlem Hustle9613.00113011807.
Pizza Hut BBQ Hawaiian Deep Pan948.508268796.
Pizza Hut BBQ Hawaiian Thin n Crispy778.506818906. 622622
Hell Greed10716.009649017.
Pizza Hut Hawaiian Deep Pan875.007989236.
Pizza Hut BBQ Hawaiian Classic Crust865.008009277. 4.24.2477553553
Pizza Hut Hawaiian Thin n Crispy665.006269516. 607607
Wholly Pizza Big Pineapple12816.0012309647.
Pizza Hut Hawaiian Classic Crust795.007729797. 575575
Pizza Hut BBQ Hawaiian Stuffed Crust10012.4098598211.811.711.76.6Red6.66.6650Red648648
Pizza Hut Hawaiian Stuffed Crust938.90957103111.812.712.76.6Red7.17.1626Red674674
Domino's Hawaiian Thin Base744.9978010543.
Domino's Hawaiian Classic Base664.9974911353.
Domino's Hawaiian Cheesy Crust Base887.98102011596.
Domino's Hawaiian Deep Pan Base774.9993112093.
Pizza Hut Super Supreme Deep Pan849.007999507.
Pizza Hut Super Supreme Thin n Crispy679.006549817.210.910.93.5Red 5.35.3397595595
Pizza Hut Super Supreme Classic Crust769.0077310118.210.710.74.0Red 5.25.2398520520
Pizza Hut Super Supreme Stuffed Crust9012.90958105912.313.613.66.9Red 7.77.7570Red631631
Domino's Supreme Thin Base7812.9983010644.
Domino's Supreme Classic Base7012.9979911414.
Domino's Supreme Cheesy Crust Base9215.98107011638.
Domino's Supreme Deep Pan Base8112.9998212124.
Hell Gluttony (includes salami, ham, bacon)10216.008578406.
Hell Wrath (includes pepperoni)10216.008638466.
Hell Envy (includes salami, ham, bacon)10016.008788786.
Hell Lust (includes pepperoni, salami, ham, bacon, chorizo)10016.009869867.
Pizza Hut Meat Lovers Deep Pan789.0083710708.410.710.
Pizza Hut Meat Lovers Thin n Crispy619.0069211388.213.513.53.7Red 6.06.0484Red795795
Domino's BBQ Meatlovers Thin Base7812.9990211565.
Pizza Hut Meat Lovers Stuffed Crust8512.90996117813.315.715.77.1Red 8.48.4658Red778778
Pizza Hut Pepperoni Lovers Deep Pan748.90881119710.113.813.84.9Red 6.76.7329447447
Wholly Pizza Brooklyn Burner (includes pepperoni)87.617.001060121010.311.711.
Domino's BBQ Meatlovers Cheesy Crust Base9115.98114012538. 5.25.2610Red670670
Domino's BBQ Meatlovers Classic Base6712.9986112855.
Pizza Hut Pepperoni Lovers Classic Crust668.90856129610.816.416.45.4Red 8.18.1392594594
Pizza Hut Pepperoni Lovers Stuffed Crust8012.801040130015.0Red 18.818.88.3Red 10.410.4565Red 706706
Pizza Hut Pepperoni Lovers Thin n Crispy568.9073713109.9Red 17.617.64.9Red 8.78.7391Red 694694
Wholly Pizza Sal's (includes pepperoni, sausage)13117.001740133019.214.714.78.3Red 6.36.3888Red680680
Wholly Pizza New Yorker (includes pepperoni)12016.001630136017.814.914.97.8Red 6.56.5881Red734734
Domino's Pepperoni Thin Base564.9978313984.
Domino's Pepperoni Cheesy Crust Base677.9893814006. 5.15.1421Red628628
Domino's Pepperoni Classic Base544.9976514174.
Domino's Pepperoni Deep Pan Base654.9993514384.

Supermarket pizzas

Pizzas1 slice
Price ($/pizza)Energy (kJ/slice)[sort;asc]Energy (kJ/100g)[sort;asc]Fat (g/slice)[sort;asc]Fat (g/100g)Fat (g/100g)[sort;asc;hidden]Saturated fat (g/slice)Saturated fat (g/100g)Saturated fat (g/100g)[sort;asc;hidden]Sodium (mg/slice)[sort;asc]Sodium (mg/100g)Sodium (mg/100g)[sort;asc;hidden]
Select Pizza Roasted Mediterranean524.004147971.
Select Pizza Ham/Mushroom924.007668334.
Select Pizza Mushroom/Mozzarella Cheese514.004488792.
Select Pizza Tomato & Mozzarella554.004908904.
The Chicago Pizza Company Extra-thin Mediterranean45.68.394098974.
Mommas Frozen Pizza Ham and Pineapple62.55.005759204.
Select Pizza Grilled Capsicum/Pepperoni924.008469207.
McCain Family Pizza Cheese & Bacon62.56.005849344.
McCain Family Pizza Meatlovers62.56.005919455.
McCain Family Pizza Supreme62.56.005979554.
McCain Family Pizza Ham & Pineapple62.56.006029633.
Mommas Frozen Pizza Supreme62.55.006059704.
The Chicago Pizza Company Classic Pizza Ham & Pineapple806.007789736.
McCain Takeaway Super Supreme66.257.996509815.
The Chicago Pizza Company Classic Pizza Meatlovers806.0080010006.
McCain Family Pizza BBQ Meatlovers62.56.0063110105.
Mommas Frozen Pizza Meatlovers62.55.0063210105.
Select Pizza Quattro Formagi504.0051510304.
Leaning Tower Hawaiian503.4952010304.
McCain Ultra-thin Pizza Mediterranean Vegetable38.86.5040410404.511.611.62.1Red 5.55.5175450450
Romano's BBQ Meatlovers503.5053310704.
Leaning Tower Meatlovers503.4954010704.
Pams Hawaiian Pizza663.4971310705.
McCain Ultra-thin Spinach & Mozzarella43.86.5047310805.512.512.52.8Red 6.56.5232530530
Pams Supreme Pizza663.4972010805.
The Chicago Pizza Company Classic Pizza Big Al's Supreme72.56.0078810876.
DaVinci's Pizza Hawaiian47.52.8051710903.
McCain Family Pizza Margherita62.56.0068110906.310.010.04.2Red 6.76.7219350350
DaVinci's Pizza Combination47.52.8052211003.
Pams Meatlovers Pizza663.4974011105.
McCain Ultra-thin Pizza Pepperoni38.86.5046912105.614.514.52.5Red 6.56.5256Red660660
Romano's Ham & Pineapple503.5061712304.
Romano's Supreme503.5062512504.

Note about the tables: The prices for takeaway pizzas is the price per large pizza. The nutrition information is from company websites or labels.