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Research report
11 June 2015

Power of attorney

We explain what you need to know about power of attorney.

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John v.
08 Jul 2018
Setting up 2 EPA's

Thank you so much for the excellent summary of important points.
My wife and I are setting up our EPA's which make your article so
very helpful.

John (10031424).

Consumer staff
09 Jul 2018
Re: Setting up 2 EPA's

Hi John v.,

Thanks for the feedback - we're glad you found the article helpful!

Kind regards,
Frank - Consumer NZ staff

Andrew R.
07 Mar 2017
Change to law re power of attorney

Is there a change to who can issue/process a power of attorney being introducedcon 17 March that limits it to government?

Don S.
13 May 2015
Power of Attorney

BEWARE recently we contracted with a builder and a kitchen maker and they wanted us to sign over authority for them to act as Attorney in this trading relationship !! It was in the fine print. It is outrageous that they include these clauses when the purchaser is required to pay a significant deposit up front. Please warn your members to at least delete the provision or find a more realistic company to work with.

Deborah H.
14 Nov 2021
Thank you

Fascinating and frightening to think of the builder being able to have carte blanche over your build and you having to pay for it.