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21 August 2020

Rates relief options

Struggling to pay rates? Here’s what you can do.

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Stuart B.
22 Aug 2020
Why the decrease?

We live in Christchurch where rates have increased massively since the quakes. We live in the same house, with the same 'super' income but our rebate has decreased from $684 to just $64 this year. Something is amiss, surely?

Russell M.
22 Aug 2020
Rates Rebates

One major problem with the current way the Rates Rebate is calculated is that it uses the previous years income, so for the rates for 2020/2021 they use the income you had until 31/3/2020. For us this means that despite now only having the pension as income we don't qualify for a Rates Rebate until the 2021/2022 year. This makes it difficult for us and probably for many others when they retire.