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Research report
7 December 2016

Raw chicken risks

More than half the fresh chicken products we tested contained campylobacter. Is enough being done to reduce risks from the bug?

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Benn C.
07 Aug 2021
Supermarket Packaging

Supermarkets need to package the chicken in much more sanitary ways. Almost every time I pick up a tray of chicken at the supermarket the underside of the tray is covered in chicken juice. Your then at the supermarket with bacteria on your hands that then gets transferred around the supermarket. Surely just wrapping a layer of cling film around potentially very dangerous bacteria isn’t acceptable.

Sandra P.
11 Feb 2022

Totally agree, most of the time every meat item is wet or inadequatedly sealed. I think all fresh meat fish shellfish items shd have separate packaging for transit. Be great if ppl wld take a chilly bin or bag w adequate ice pax. Great article thx.

David A.
13 Dec 2016

The WHO advises that irradiation is a proven and effective way to reduce campylobacter contamination down to almost zero. However the public is scared by such big words and refuses to consider this as an option. You can't have it both ways, people. Now you know why the US is so big on feeding antibiotics to hens, and the problems that has caused. We could have solved this problem years ago, but thanks to general ignorance, we now have two problems.