• Homebrand bleach 29 Apr 2015
    Small holes may develop at the bottom of the bottle. This could cause a slow leak and accidental exposure to the bleach.
  • Bluebird Snack Packs 24 Apr 2015
    The products could contain pieces of white plastic.
  • Founders 1981 Pale Ale 24 Apr 2015
    The beer may contain fine glass particles.
  • Shark Rocket 14 Apr 2015
    Another model of Shark vacuum has been recalled.
  • Bean curd products 10 Apr 2015
    Te Chang & Xin-Peng-Lai snacks may contain Dimethyl Yellow.
  • Ozito garden blower 02 Apr 2015
    The outer enclosure of the blower may become damaged, exposing sharp objects and causing shock risk.
  • Homemaker hammock 02 Apr 2015
    Kmart has recalled a hammock because its fabric may deteriorate and tear.
  • Heller fan heaters 02 Apr 2015
    The heaters do not comply with the required New Zealand safety standards.
  • Flashing Animal Ring 01 Apr 2015
    The ring could be pulled apart, exposing the batteries. Children could then swallow the batteries.
  • 3M Secure Fit Eyewear 01 Apr 2015
    If something hits the glasses, the arms could break off. This could cause an eye injury.


  • Blitzem Wasp Killer 18 Mar 2015
    Rust and corrosion may affect the bottom of the aerosol can, causing it to burst and shoot upwards if stored upright.
  • Two Shark vacuum models 16 Mar 2015
    A cord issue could cause a burn or shock while vacuuming.
  • Kathmandu rechargeable torch 13 Mar 2015
    An issue with the rechargeable battery can cause the USB-charging cable to heat up and melt.
  • Easy Step 4.1m ladder 13 Mar 2015
    The ladders do not meet the mandatory safety standard.
  • Two Smiggle products 13 Mar 2015
    The screw to secure the battery compartment in both products is missing.
  • Werner multi-ladders 03 Mar 2015
    The ladders do not comply with all of the requirements in the madatory safety standard.
  • Venerdi Organic Sourdough 02 Mar 2015
    Venerdi is recalling its Toast me Organic Sourdough gluten-free bread after discovering it has been contaminated with gluten.


  • Mercury Diesel 3.0L boat engine 27 Feb 2015
    Marine Power International has identified a situation whereby the oil supply line to the turbocharger could loosen.
  • Avalanche airbag canisters 27 Feb 2015
    Grey steel canisters filled on or before 2 December 2014 may have been contaminated during the filling process.
  • Copper Kettle sea salt potato chips 11 Feb 2015
    Bluebird Foods are recalling a batch of Copper Kettle Sea Salt 150g Potato Chips after small pieces of wood were discovered in some packs.




  • Rhino Extension Ladder 17 Dec 2014
    Rhino Extension Ladder may not support the full rated weight.
  • Nice & Naturals Nutricious Balance 05 Nov 2014
    Nice & Natural is recalling their Nice & Natural Nutricious Balance nut mix after discovering one batch of the product may contain salmonella.


  • Performer powerboard 26 Nov 2014
    The electrical contacts of the sockets are poorly aligned and the plastic enclosure does not meet the flammability requirements of the applicable standard.
  • Panasonic CF-H2 Tablet PC Battery 26 Nov 2014
    The Panasonic CF-H2 Tablet PC Battery battery could overheat or burn.
  • Toshiba Power Cords 26 Nov 2014
    The connector on these Toshiba Laptop/Notebook power cords could overheat.
  • Inflatable Bubble Spa 25 Nov 2014
    Inadequate safety features in this inflatable bubble spa could cause fatal electric shock or fire.
  • Universal Adaptor 20 Nov 2014
    The adaptors do not comply with AS/NZ3122 standard
  • BeBops pocket nappy shells 18 Nov 2014
    The holes cut for the snaps on BeBops OSFM pocket nappy shells may be too large and can let the snaps pull loose and fall out.
  • Surelock II rubber handles 18 Nov 2014
    Aqua Lung is recalling all SureLock II rubber weight pocket handles.
  • Chevron 4 and 6-outlet power boards 7 Nov 2014
    Fire risk leads Countdown to recall two power boards.
  • Two Vege Giant products 7 Nov 2014
    Vege Giant brand Vegetarian Chicken Nuggets 300g and Whole Perfect Vege Giant brand Vegetarian Chicken Cubes 300g (No Flavour) are being recalled because they contain egg, which is not declared on the product labelling.
  • Golden Boy fish sauce 6 Nov 2014
    Neill Cropper & Company is recalling Golden Boy Fish Sauce 200ml after discovering a piece of glass in one of the bottles.


  • Louis Garneau aerodynamic helmet 31 Oct 2014
    Louis Garneau Sports Inc. of St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Québec, is voluntarily recalling approximately 11 units of the P-09 aerodynamic bicycle helmet sold in New Zealand.
  • Kmart apple cutter 29 Oct 2014
    Kmart is recalling an apple cutter because the metal cutting section may separate from the plastic frame.
  • Golden Circle beetroot slices 22 Oct 2014
    Some Golden Circle canned beetroot slices 450g are being recalled because they may not contain enough liquid.
  • Candylishus Gumball Paint Cans and Candylishus Jellybean Paint Cans 14 Oct 2014
    The handles have been detaching from the sides of the containers and the metal rivets are falling in.
  • Chesdale cheese slices 250g 07 Oct 2014
    Chesdale Cheese Slices 250g (12 single slices, smoked flavour) could contain thin clear plastic.
  • Thermomix TM31 07 Oct 2014
    The sealing ring of the mixing bowl may not function properly.
  • Continental motorcycle tyres 01 Oct 2014
    Separation may occur between the tread and belt and result in air loss from the tyre. Loss of air could affect motorcycle handling and cause or contribute to an accident.
  • Macro almond spread 01 Oct 2014
    Progressive Enterprises Ltd is initiating a recall of all batches of Woolworths Macro Almond spread as the product may contain peanuts.



  • HP Notebook Power Cord 26 Aug 2014
    On August 26, 2014 HP announced a worldwide voluntary recall and replacement program in cooperation with various government regulatory agencies, for affected AC power cords distributed worldwide.
  • Redken-branded PowerBank phone charger 26 Aug 2014
    If incorrectly used it could overheat or shatter when left charging for an extended period.
  • Kikki K Under the Sea table set 25 Aug 2014
    Table set contains a fork with tines (teeth) that can break off with pressure or when dropped.
  • Best Buy Outlet Powerboards 19 Aug 2014
    Best Buy 4 outlet powerboards with the model numbers LA025A and LA025B can cause a fire.
  • Delmaine baby gherkins 19 Aug 2014
    Delmaine Fine Foods is recalling their Baby Gherkins 670g due to the risk of glass contamination.
  • Freedom bamboo bathmat 14 Aug 2014
    Plastic feet can detach from under mat and cause a fall.
  • Nouveau 16L electronic dehumidifier 08 Aug 2014
    In a small number of the NH-DB16E models it was discovered a capacitor can overheat and surrounding plastic could possibly catch alight.
  • See-Doo Spark Personal Watercraft 08 Aug 2014
    The steering column / handlebar of the Sea-Doo Spark Personal Watercraft may have been incorrectly manufactured by the supplier and could break under rough riding conditions.
  • Plug adaptors for Phonak wireless accessories 08 Aug 2014
    The plastic cover on plug adaptors for Phonak wireless accessories can come off the adaptor and expose live parts.
  • Simx Mightylites (LED floodlights) 07 Aug 2014
    Water may enter the light fitting around the lens and, in some cases, make the body of the light electrically live.


  • Acorn 120 Superglide Stairlifts 30 Jul 2014
    Acorn 120 Superglide Straight Stairlifts are being recalled because a problem has been identified with a weld between the seat post and stairlift assembly.
  • Whittaker's Almond Gold Mini Slab 30 Jul 2014
    Blue plastic has been found in some of the chocolate.
  • Goldair wall-mounted fan heaters 29 Jul 2014
    Energy Safety has prohibited the use and sale of two models of Goldair-branded wall-mounted bathroom fan heaters because they have caused a number of fires.
  • Gorilla Multi Ladders 23 Jul 2014
    These ladders may not comply with the mandatory ladder safety standard.
  • Select Dog Bones Wholegrain 1kg 21 Jul 2014
    Bones could contain string or twine, which can pose a food safety risk for dogs.
  • Actavis Amoxicillin 21 Jul 2014
    Glass fragments have been found in two bottles of Actavis Amoxicillin.
  • Moda electric hot pack 18 Jul 2014
    A component failure may make the hot packs unsafe when plugged in for pre-heating.
  • SCOTT Sportster bikes 16 Jul 2014
    The fork may break, causing the front wheel to detach and create a fall hazard to riders.


  • Child's table set 29 Jun 2014
    The melamine fork in the set can break when force is applied to the teeth of the fork.
  • Prohibition notice: Goldair Branded Wall-mounted Fan Heaters Models 3108 and 3109 26 June 2014
    Goldair Branded Wall-mounted Fan Heaters Models 3108 and 3109 have been prohibited by Energy Safety.
  • Wooden candle holders 19 Jun 2014
    The candle holders may catch alight as the candle burns down and cause a fire or result in burns.
  • Smiggle Whirlpool superball 19 Jun 2014
    If the ball is left unattended and exposed to direct sunlight it may create excessive heat due to a magnifying effect.
  • Yellowstone folio case 19 Jun 2014
    The rubber tip may detach from the stylus and become a choking hazard to small children.
  • Wattie's spaghetti 19 Jun 2014
    The product has a possible packaging defect which may cause the inside lid layer to fail and affect the food.
  • B-Well steam sterilisers 18 Jun 2014
    Moisture may enter the electronics or power cable and could cause a short circuit or a high leakage current.
  • Skate helmets 18 Jun 2014
    Independent tests show these helmets don’t meet mandatory safety standards.
  • Weiss heat transfer units 18 Jun 2014
    As of Friday 20 June 2014, Weiss Heat Transfer Units will be prohibited from sale and use.
  • Chia powder & smoothie mix 17 Jun 2014
    The product may contain Salmonella.
  • Basil Pesto Aioli dip 17 Jun 2014
    The label on the lid states ‘Basil Pesto Aioli Dip’ however the label on the pottle states ‘Cucumber & Mint Yoghurt Dip’.
  • Mothballs and moth flakes 04 Jun 2014
    Mothballs are being removed from sale in New Zealand because of concern about the risk of poisoning to children



  • Merida S-Presso bicycles 28 Apr 2014
    The lower steerer tube of the aluminium front fork on some models of Merida S-Presso bikes could break.
  • Jolly KidZ smart door barriers 28 Apr 2014
    The bolts on some Jolly KidZ/Protoys smart door barriers that can't be fully tightened.
  • Just Jeans and OMM junior clothing 23 Apr 2014
    Junior Girls jeans & OMM Junior Boys cargo pants & shorts recall - hazardous azo-colourants in the dye
  • Haka Bodyshock mouthguards 23 Apr 2014
    Some Bodyshock mouthguards pose a choking hazard due to an adhesive weakness
  • Kawashima Pro2000i inverter generator 23 Apr 2014
    The 12 volt battery charger outlet and the plug on its lead could be mistaken for a 240 volt outlet and plug. If plugged into a 240 volt outlet there is a serious electrical safety hazard.
  • Toyota cars 10 Apr 2014
    Toyota New Zealand has recalled a number of New Zealand vehicles as part of a global recall.
  • Evenflo carseat harness buckle 08 Apr 2014
    Some Evenflo carseats use a harness crotch buckle which may become resistant to unlatching over time.
  • Smiggle Loopz fan 08 Apr 2014
    Smiggle Loopz fan - Line 442678 - overheating could cause the batteries in this fan to leak.
  • Aprilia Caponord 1200 motorbikes 07 Apr 2014
    Some of these motorbikes have a faulty engine control part.
  • 2013 Polaris Ranger vehicles 01 Apr 2014
    The throttle cable on 2013 Polaris Ranger 500 and Ranger 500 Crew vehicles may jam.
  • Downee safety gate latches 01 Apr 2014
    The magnet may dislodge from the latch and stop the latch from locking.


  • Sun Country sparkling grape juice 31 Mar 2014
    Some bottles have a low level of fermentation which may cause the contents to leak or the bottle to break.
  • Dyson AM04 and AM05 heaters 18 Mar 2014
    Dyson is recalling all AM04 and AM05 heaters due to a potential safety issue.
  • Lockon towbar for the Ford Territory 14 Mar 2014
    There is a risk of damage or failure of the towbar when towing.
  • Play School egg maracas 14 Mar 2014
    If the egg-shaped maraca comes apart the small plastic or metal balls in the cavity will be released. This is a risk for small children.
  • Steelcraft baby strollers 14 Mar 2014
    A defect may cause a person's finger to become caught in the stroller hinge while the stroller is being folded.
  • Ox multipurpose ladders 12 Mar 2014
    The ladders do not comply with the mandatory safety standard because of an issue with the hinges.