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31 January 2020

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Alison A.
22 Oct 2021
Specsavers Lipservice

When I was a beneficiary, one of the preferred WINZ optometrists was Specsavers. Don't believe the hype! I had to go to them multiple times over the years, for both my son and myself. The only way to get the cheapest prices on 2 pairs of glasses is to have 2 pairs exactly the same. They make their money on add-ons. So if you want a pair of sunglasses with the same prescription as your indoor glasses, you pay extra for the tint, then for the UV rating. For progressive lenses, they have 3 qualities of progressives and WINZ would only pay for the basic one, which is worse than I've seen at any other optometrist - none of the ones I have been to since would consider selling the bottom-of-the-range Specsavers product. My son has very poor eyesight, and from age 6 had to get specialist glasses. Once Specsavers had added all their add-ons, glasses from them for him were more expensive than anywhere else. This was especially upsetting, as the subsidy we could get (x 2) was not enough and I had to cover the shortfall myself.

Linda M.
22 Feb 2020
My Noel Leeming

I have to disagree with those who down rate Noel Leeming - maybe I am just lucky with my local store, but I have always found their staff helpful and non pushy. They have been knowledgeable, and when they don't know something, they make an effort to find out. If they don't have what I need they often tell me where I might be able to find it.

Previous member
15 Dec 2018
pb tech phone return

I had to return a phone for repair to pb tech which wasn't a problem. The issue was that all repairs had to go to the Auckland office (I'm in Cambridge) so I either sent it myself or went to the local store in Hamilton for them to send it. If you choose the latter option it takes longer.
Either way I was without my phone for over a week both times as they didn't find the fault the first time until I sent videos of the problem which they then fixed on the second go.
If my phone has any more problems I'm unlikely to take it back because of this inability to fix it locally. When buying from them I'd advise how they would seek to remedy any problems in advance.

Michelle G.
08 Dec 2018
I had excellent experience with PB Tech

Knowing that my desktop computer was likely to start having problems due to age, I looked at the pick-your-own-parts builder with the intention of having them build the machine. I decided to go into the local shop instead of ordering online, and the sales person got me a better graphics card and a better deal overall than I would have received had I shopped online. They were extremely knowledgeable about computer parts. Super easy to deal with. That was the Wellington store.

David C.
09 Sep 2018

I wonder why people still buy glasses in NZ. I'm happy to pay for a vision test and eye health check from an optometrist, but why should I pay 3 to 5 times the price to buy my glasses here, rather than from a source overseas?

Iain F.
24 Feb 2018
placemakers worst, i rate them the best.

i have a bunnings, a itm, a buildlink, a mitre 10, a placemakere all within 15 minute drive.
the placemakers store while not stocking as much and being more expensive than bunnings and mitre10 offer much better service. The staff are more knowledgeable and they dont run away as they do at mitre 10. i have spent three hours trying to buy sound proof batts at mitre 10 as i had gift vouchers, the batts where stored on pallets up high. i also tried to purchase 20 bags of readycrete at mitre 10, i could have just left as no body would help. Placemakers Lunn ave is awesome, i drive in with a trailer and have had up to four guys helping me load cement, concrete, gib board and batts. I avoid mitre 10 lunn ave as there is no service and for someone of average building knowledge you will find yourself knowing more than the staff, that is if you can get served.

Karen K.
22 Feb 2020
Harvey Norman’s really great!

We have recently made four separate large purchases at Harvey Norman’s and I was very impressed with all the different staff who served us on each occasion. They were all very knowledgeable of the products in their separate departments and very helpful. On Boxing Day we ended up purchasing several large items for the new kitchen we are putting in at the end of March and with a payment of 10% Harvey Norman are happy to store these items for us until we need them. This is a huge help. I’d just like to add how much I appreciate being able to look on Consumer to find the best products before going shopping!