22 February 2022

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11 Apr 2022
Noel Leeming vs Apple Store

I bought a MacBook Air for my 17 year old daughter. Two days later it stopped working; vertical lines on the screen. It had been on her desk from when she took it out off its box to when not stopped working. Dr Google Said it was likely to be a hardware fault. I took it back to Noel Leeming Napier first thing Monday morning. Salesperson was off for the day, manager declined to come out if his office so I dealt with another salesperson. I understand he had to look at the case carefully, but he spent 15 minutes going over the laptop with his fingertips and carefully looking, and seemed convinced that we had dropped it or physically damaged it in some way. He then asked another salesperson who gave him a few tips on where else to look for signs of damage. Finding none, they agreed to call Apple. Apple agreed to replace the machine immediately. I felt the Noel Leeming staff treated me as if I was lying to them about damaging the machine. I would not buy another computer from them. Much more satisfied with the support from Apple, even though I never even dealt with them directly.