Groceries in cotton and paper bags
Research report
22 August 2019

Reusable bags: how "green" are yours?

Our guide to caring for and disposing of reusable bags to minimise your environmental impact.

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Peter R.
28 Sep 2019
Reusable bags

I am not virtue signalling (foul term in itself) but have used reusable bags forever and a day, inculcated by parents who were exceptionally austere. What impresses me is that two bags which were promotional chainstore carriers - large and showy and logo emblazoned - are coming up to twenty years old. One is showing vague signs of distress and I am wondering about writing to the UK supermarket chain to complain.......

Alan I.
14 Sep 2019
Supermarket printouts

Many non-food stores where you’ve signed up for discounts/email notifications will automatically email you the sale printout. No paper and you don’t mislay it. Supermarkets could do the same.

Judith C.
14 Sep 2019
Supermarket printouts

The supermarkets have send the specials via emails for years.
I can’t remember getting a supermarket flyer as I have a sign on my letterbox that I do not want advertising flyers.