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Research report
22 June 2020

Review: Arc Assistant Original Learning Tower

A safe way to team up with your toddler in the kitchen.

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Nicky S.
04 Jul 2020
Why get one of these?

I can’t see the point. A normally developed 2 year old can climb up onto one of those stools with one step up on to them if it is set up against the kitchen bench. If they can’t, then they should be helped to learn how. I watched a just turned 2 do it this very afternoon. And those things have plenty of other uses around the house. Climbing up is part of developing motor skills.

Kathleen G.
04 Jul 2020
Learning Towers are the best!

We have had an American-made learning tower (different style) for about 8 years now, and although pricey at the time, it was a great investment. Our boy used it constantly to help and play in the kitchen. He has long grown out of it, but doesn't want to get rid of it, and still climbs up into it from time to time.