Karcher KV 4 Cordless Vibrating Wiper and WV 6 Plus Window Vac.
Research report
2 June 2020

Review: Karcher’s latest cordless window-cleaning tools

Can Karcher’s new window-cleaning gadgets leave your panes clean, dry and streak-free?

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Susan S.
10 Jul 2021
Disappointing Scoopy

After reading the 2016 article that spoke well of the Scoopy results, I went looking and found it at Mitre 10. $30 these days.
Unfortunately I now feel robbed as the Scoopy is not as efficient at removing condensation as your tester found back them. I suspect that the nature of condensation is quite variable - in Central Otago, the condensation seems to form into quite large droplets on a really cold night. In theory these should pick up easily, but no, I end up wiping a lot of the residual with the microfibre cloth that does a really good job.
Now thinking that I would have been better to have just enlisted a few more microfibre cloths, that I already have.

Rory O.
13 Jul 2021

I had exactly the same experience with the Scoopy product. I felt it was a good idea, but poorly executed; the blade is too stiff to make good contact against the glass the the water just runs down behind it. It would work a lot better with a softer, more supple blade, in principle at least. Waste of money.

Andrew Thompson
06 Jun 2020
Karcher window cleaner concerns

The Karcher is a great window cleaner and speeds up the cleaning and drying process. We have had two Karchers. The first one stopped charging after two years, we replaced it and the same thing happened again after about 18 months. We would still buy a battery operated window cleaner but I am not confident that Karcher is a reliable option.

Linda O.
06 Jun 2020
Karcher recharging

My Karcher stopped recharging. Put it away in the garage. Lightbulb moment "maybe it's the charger?". It was. Working perfectly now. Charger bought from Mitre10.