July 2022

Roomba 692 vs j7+: Which robot vac delivers the sucker punch?

We compare an entry-level robot vac with a top-of-the-range one.

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Ralph C.
04 Jul 2022
Watch for damage to furniture, furniture legs, walls and skirtings

We used a TV Shop Roomba for a few years - it was probably similar to the cheaper version reviewed here as it relied on bumping into objects to navigate and had a spinning brush sticking out the side.

Check to see how much maintenance and cleaning the brushes need - I felt like I could have vacuumed by hand faster given how long it took to pick out all the hair and fluff from the brush and rotating rubber thingee (long narrow rubber cylinder in front of the dust bin. I understand the current models may have resolved some of the brush cleaning issues by using new designs that don't pick up so much hair and fluff and don't have places for hair to get tightly wound on.

More importantly, clean (scrub) the bumpers regularly (or you'll soon get a tide mark around your walls and skirtings) and also keep a close eye on your furniture and walls to make sure it isn't damaging the surfaces it slams into.

Also be careful around cables, leads, shoe laces and any carpet with fraying areas or tassles - or expect to come home and find permanent floor damage.

As you'll probably gather from the above, I won't be using a robot vac until they have much much better AI/ don't wreck my home and are easier to clean and maintain.

Kylie H.
04 Jul 2022
Vac bag cost

The vac bags are really expensive.

Alison A.
02 Jul 2022
Highlight of the day for Romeo

A few weeks ago I actually wrote to Consumer to ask what "Roombas" were like with dogs. You sent me some helpful links, and now I can report for myself. I have 2 Boxers and a Labrador. My report: Clementine the 10 year old Black Lab looked at the determined disc beavering away and retreated to the dog sofa, where she slept peacefully. Matilda, the 5 year old Boxer, intially growled at the intruder which seemed to be ignoring her, then joined Clemmie on the sofa. Romeo, a 9 month old Boxer, had a lot of fun barking at the unit and jumping to touch it, but stayed just out of range. He enjoyed going a little too close and playing 'chicken'. It was very amusing to watch and certainly made his morning. He still 'plays' with the unit every time I use it, but the novelty is slowly wearing off. The Roomba is completely unaffected, although I have decided not to use it while the dogs are home alone, just in case...

Bryan - Product Test Writer
02 Jul 2022
Thanks for the update

That's great to hear, thanks for updating us!