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1 March 2024

Save thousands of dollars with these e-bike bargains

The bike industry is overstocked, so now is the time to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on e-bikes this autumn. We list the e-bikes that are heavily discounted and perform well in our tests.

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Covid hit the bike industry hard. Lockdowns meant many people looked for activities they could do locally and in isolation and cycling boomed. However, lockdowns also meant bike production reduced and global shipping ground to a halt – stores couldn’t get stock to meet the demand.

Bike manufacturers responded by ramping up bike production, and stores ordered lots of bikes. But then demand returned to normal, and bike stores were left trying to shift a lot of stock. One local store we talked to had three shipping containers of e-bikes arrive at once.

So, this autumn is a great time to buy an e-bike. There are still plenty of 2022 and 2023 models available at big discounts (though, not always in all sizes). Here are just a few examples where you can save 20-25% or more on an electric bike. You’ll find these prices on the importer websites, and you should be able to access them from your local bike store.

Top e-bike bargains

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